Do you see smoke? lol

Last night my mother in law called asking for her grow lamps back since she wants to start her seedlings. That got me thinking about 2 things. One I should start thinking about starting my seedlings and two if she takes the lights then how exactly are I going to grow these seedlings. Last year they were surplus lights, this year I guess not?

In 2012 we ran into a lot of problems finding the right bulbs and then once we found them we couldn’t find the right lamps to put them in. We were told by more than one place that they don’t carry them anymore. So that has me thinking even more. 

Do I start seeds indoors this year or not?
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Now I know I won’t be breaking the bank if I buy a few of my veggies at the greenhouse. Normally the only ones I buy are cabbage, pumpkins, spaghetti squash and tomatoes. I also buy all my flowers at the greenhouse. Last year it was only the tomatoes and the flowers. This year I was hoping it would only be a few tomatoes and a few flowers, but now that the lights have to go I am not so sure.

I want to have twice as many cabbages this year so it is a no brainer that I start them from seed myself. Veggie 6 packs last year were still around 4-10 bucks at the time I wanted to plant them, which was pretty late in the year! I have also found that more and more greenhouses are moving away from the 6pack and going with just a single plant for the same amount. I’ll be the first to admit I am cheap so not interested in paying more than I need

If I am already starting the cabbage than I might as well do a few pumpkin and spaghetti squash too maybe just 3 of each? I than start to think that I should to broccoli and cauliflower again this year too. I usually just sow direct into the garden, but last year I did both seedlings and direct sow .They all matured at the same time

Then if I am doing all of that I might as well start my peppers and eggplants a little earlier this year too instead of just scrapping them from the garden. However, if I am keeping them in than do I try leeks again? Will the 3rd time

Okay see what thinking can do... and I haven’t even gotten to the flowers...oh boy FLOWERS!! Every year I spend about 100 of flowers. I usually do about 15+ baskets so it could be worse. However, I buy them in May and they don’t really bloom until July and then by august they start to die. So I was thinking that I should just start a few of my own and then I can have blooms all summer. I kept all the little 6packs my flowers came in last year. So I think I may try....GULP!!

Okay that is enough thinking for now...can you hear the gears you see smoke....

Have a great day


  1. I torture myself like this too. I say you follow your own conclusions and recommendations from last year. It was fresh and likely accurate then, so it'll be fine.

  2. I don;t start my own plants...never works out well. They are too frail to stand the air here when I plant them. I love hanging baskets; but the wind dries them out and beats them to pieces...I do have lot of gardens and some pots...but I have to tend the pots steady....I envy you and your

  3. Hehe, love it! Look forward to seeing what you choose to do. I say, yes to all :)

  4. I was wondering where all that smoke from "up north was coming from.....LOL.....whatever you decide I know it will work out for the best....looking forward to seeing what you grow this year!

  5. You don't need expensive lights or bulbs to grow transplants. I use 4' shop lights which are very in expensive. The best are the ones have a reflector that is a foot wide and has two bulbs. I've found that kind can light up two flats easily. The narrower ones are harder on the outside plants in the flat. You don't need grow lights either if you are just growing transplants. Cool white (blue light) bulbs are cheap and encourage leafy growth. You can't grow flowers under them well as flowers need red light. But leaves and stocky plants grow well with the plants 1 inch from the lights.

  6. A lot of flowers and vegetables can be sown right in the garden, and then thinned and replanted if needed. We usually sell in 4 packs here in Ontario, as a lot of people have done away with big gardens, and only have little space. There are a few people who will buy trays full, but that trend is slowing way down.... I agree with Marjorie, in that plants grown with lights above it will get stretchy and limp easier. When is your growing season from? Most times if you start seeding 5-6 weeks before you can plant in your garden, your tomatoes and pepper plants should be ready enough to transplant. Here in Ontario, May 24 weekend is usually the suggested start to outdoor planting. Before then it's often too cold, and we will tell people so in our greenhouse also. Most people that buy veggie plants early do so to start hardening them off, so they are ready to plant the may 2-4 weekend. Check out our greenhouse just for fun... If you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask~!


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