Beet it

Its officially beet time. These are just a few of the Detroit red beets that are ready to be picked. I forgot to thin them out this year so it beets on top of beets, but all is good.
I usually plant way too many and end up leaving them in till September and then they look like this.
Huge beet bigger than a grapefruit!

That last picture was from last year and I am going to try and not let them get that big. They still taste great but what do you do with a 8lbs beet?

I just planted a half row this year since the hubby doesn't like them. I think it will be more manageable and I wont end up with the name Mrs.Beets
The majority of the beets I am going to use to make Borscht like a good Ukrainian girl should. I use an old family recipe that was handed down to me from my grandmother. Since her stroke 3 years ago she has had to give up her garden and cooking all together. So when I make borscht I feel like I am carrying on the family tradition.


  1. I don't thin my beets either, which probably explains why they come in all shapes ans sizes.

    Have you tried growing Golden beets? I did this year for the first time and they were really sweet.

  2. My beets didn't grow well this year, so I hope the ones I planted for fall do better. I've never eaten borscht, but I'll bet I'd like it. When my kids were babies, about the only baby food I bought in jars were beets. Because I liked them. Pureed, right from the jar. Hot or cold, made no difference.

  3. I tried a Beet Hummus recipe at THYHANDHATHPROVIDED's blog. It is devine!
    Robin in SoCal

  4. Thomas- Sometimes I think thinning is I have never tried growing Golden beets.I'll have to try them next year. Thanks for the tip.

    Annie's Granny-sorry to hear your beets didn't do to well and lucky you that you were able to plant some for the fall! Beet borscht is great and easy to make you will have to try it sometime. Hmmm pureed beet baby food maybe I will give it a


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