Hot Hot Hot!

With the temperatures reaching 35c or 95F there isn't much chances that I am going to be out in the garden! I think this might be our last big burst of  heat this summer as the rest of the week is going to be in the mid 20's and then everything usually goes down hill from there. However, you never know we could be up for a super hot august so no real compiling yet I guess.
Last night I gave the garden a good watering. It took about a hour and the mosquitoes ate me ALIVE. Oh those little buggers are just so darn annoying and they make me ever so itchy! On the plus side I was able to get the pump working on the second try and there is still water in the well! I'll have to make a post about the pump sometime. You'll never guess where it
On the downside I have neglected my flower pots and they are all a wee bit sad looking. Darn garden stealing all my attention

While I was watering I was able to make a few discoveries.

There are quite a few cucumbers that are now 2inches big. Not big enough for fridge pickles, but very exciting.

The peas are plumping up in their pods. They always fool me into thinking they are ready when I see a full looking pod and then I squeeze it and they are still a few days away. What little teases they are!
Some of the beans both green and purple are ready. I wont have time to pick them till Monday, but I swear there was nothing there last time I looked. Little buggers were hiding on me.

I planted some turnips last night as well. However, just from seed. I don't think they will have enough time to mature, but we shall see. I still would like to plant some more spinach, however every time I go to the seed store in the city they are closed? And to my surprise not one other store I called (walmart, zellars and what have ya) is selling anymore seed for the year!? I think I am going to start buying online.


  1. I have that problem with fall seeds too. It's upsetting when you can't find them just as fall planting time arrives. Luckily I had saved enough from the spring seeds this year.

  2. Annie's Granny-I am glad to hear that all stores seem to be anti-fall Good for you for planning ahead!


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