Week 8

Wow it is hard to believe that summer is almost over. I am always surprised when I look at the garden and everything is blooming. I think "its to early for everything to be this big" and then I realize that we are past the midway point in July. Summers in Saskatchewan are just too short, however, with all the work that gardening takes I am not sure if I would want it to be longer..lol
week 8 looks better in person..lol

Today I decided to stay out of the garden for the most part. I had a lot of inside chores that were piling up, but every time I went outside I found myself picking weeds or checking things out..lol So in the end nothing really got done inside or out...except for cutting the grass..lol

My lettuce and spinach continue to amaze me with how much they are producing. I hope to harvest some more spinach to freeze tomorrow.
 I noticed that my beets are about radish size now so borscht wont be that far off....YUMMY. I think that if I got digging around I might be able to find some baby potatoes..much nicer than the store bought ones looking at me right now..lol The onions are about half way to where I want them to be and the leeks and garlic are still no shows.
The broccoli and cauliflower are going like crazy now. I think if I can just keep the moths off of them they just might produce!
The hot 100 tomatoes are insane. I don't see many tomatoes but the plants are so HUGE they are breaking the cages. Otherwise everything else is doing great !

from r-l wild flowers, strawberries, cukes and corn along with weeds and some veggies you cannot see...lol

I harvested my first ever raspberry. It was yummy and I think the only one we will get this year...lol

Some of the nice flowers blooming in front of the house. I can never remember what these are called. Last year they didn't come up...but I think that is because I thought they were weeds and pulled them up..haha. One of the up and down sides of buying an older home you never know what is planted in your flower bed!


  1. Those are Hollyhocks! Very old fashioned. Your season is so short, we'll be going till October for some things.

  2. Hello David. Thanks for stopping by :) YES hollyhocks!!! Our season IS very short here, however, if we are lucky sometimes we can keep growing till the end of September.


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