Happy Weeds

I would have to say that for the most part weeds are the bain of my existence. I hate that just when you finish weeding the garden a million more pop up the next day. I will admit that I am not the best at staying on top of my weeding either, but I do try my best.

One of the weeds that I jump for joy at seeing is Dill. I love dill and smell of it brings me back to my childhood. Playing in both of my grandmothers gardens and learning how to make pickles one summer at the age of 8. Throughout the years those memories fade, but every time I see and smell garden fresh dill my heart swells and my mind goes back to simpler times.

In three of the past 4 years the garden has been without any dill. This has not been by choice , but due to a father that tills between the rows when he comes out. If I had to choose between having a weedless garden or dill I would probably choose to be weedless, but It would be nice to have some fresh dill. This year I am the one that has been tilling the rows with Phyllis and yet again there was not a dill to be found in the garden. Until last week that is. In among my non existent garlic crop lays one dill weed. I am going to let the sucker grow and go to seed. Hopefully next year I will have a dozen more making an appearance and then I will complain that there is too much. Isn't that just the way it works out.

Dill also make me think of pickles so here is my little cucumber patch.I planted national pickling and hope to make fridge pickles and relish out of them. However, they are best fresh off the vine sitting in the grass with a salt shaker. Last night I counted 50 little babies growing and then gave up counting. It should be a great year unlike last year where I stopped counting at 500!
Cucumber Patch next to corn

Last night a huge hail stormed just missed us. it thundered like a bugger and had me running out of the garden with my hoe in hand. All we ended up getting was a nice sprinkle for about 10mins while the sun shone away. This is a little rainbow that appeared.
Rainbow-picture take from my porch


  1. I sat a pot of dill in the corner by the shed, where nothing else is growing. I'm hoping it will self seed and just fill in the entire space next year, it's so pretty as well as being useful.

  2. Annie's Granny- Good idea. I think I may try that behind one of my sheds next year.


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