First Saskatoon Harvest of the Year

My favourite fruit tree/bush in the yard is finally ready to harvest. I wouldn't say Saskatoons are my favourite fruit to eat, however I can do a lot with them. My cold room is full of jams, jellys, fruit, sundae topping and pie filling!


I am not sure what I am going to do with all my berries this year. I could can more, but with so much downstairs already I think I might take a break this year and just freeze or sell them. I can about 150 jars of Saskatoon related products a I think I am due for that
My husband makes us fruit smoothies for breakfast every morning and I think the saskatoons will be a nice addition to that.

First Saskatoon harvest of 2011

I was only able to harvest the lower branches since no one was here to take the ladder out for me and the mosquitoes were horrible! However, I was still able to harvest a nice amount.

Saskatoons Harvest 967g or 2.4lbs

I also harvested some lettuce tonight too. I had intended to just cut one plant, but once I started cutting I couldn't stop and ended up with this....what was I thinking!!
Bon vivant lettuce harvest..3 plants
I ended up with 7 large freezer bags full....and there are just the two of us...ha ha
I did a test run on Monday to see how long it will keep in the fridge. I did one bag where I washed and spun dry and one bag where I washed spun dry and layered between paper towels. Both bags were still fresh and crisp today and would have likely lasted a few more I think I will be okay for the week.

Lettuce Harvest 1.5kilos or 53oz


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