Week 9

This week seems to have had it all humidity, extreme heat, wind, rain and nights that make it seem like November already. Today is wonderfully overcast again. Not exactly the kind of weather you want in the summer, but after that little heat wave it is a nice break.

The garden is still a few weeks away on almost everything. With the set backs of who knows what this week .I will just be happy if half of it survives. As of this morning everything still looks good.

Its amazing how much the plants can grow in a week. My cucumbers went from hardly anything there to flowering and producing already. The peas have already formed pods and now I am just waiting for them to fill up. I love fresh peas the most. They always remind me of raiding my grandmothers garden and eating peas until I was sick.

With the presence of potato beetles in the yard I have been keeping an eye on my taters. And I have to say they look so good that if I was a bug I would have a hard time keeping my sticky little feet off of them. Last year was not a good year for potatoes. Some took others did not and then it rained for 2weeks straight at the end of the season and then we got 2ft of snow. So I was out in a snow filled mud pile in November trying to get out what I could. Most of them were ruined from the frost so we ended up with only 2 months worth instead of a good years worth.
Onions and Potatoes
This year our local stores caught early blight and therefore I was unable to buy both purple ad fingerling potatoes. I have never tried either before but there is always next year.

The seed potatoes that I planted I got from my mother in law. Last year she had a bumper crop so they should be good. I have 2 rows of red skinned potatoes and 1row of Yukon gold. I would have to say I prefer the Yukon gold, but the hubby brought home more red.
Last night I was able to harvest a few things. A first time harvest of Kohlrabi
I think I could have left them on for at least another couple of days, but I got too excited and pulled them. The rest of the row is just a bit smaller so within the week I think they will all be ready.
Kohlrabi Harvested: 1lbs or 472g
I also went and picked Saskatoons again. The hubby took the ladder out, but it never made it across the yard to the Saskatoons. I was able to pick almost everything at my height and there has to be a few more buckets that are at the 6ft height. The branches are so full they are all bowing over, but still out of reach. I was able to collect enough to make a couple of batches of jam. I know I had said I was not going to make jam this year, but the hubby says we need more..so that is the plan for this evening.
Saskatoon harvest- 42.8oz or 1.23kg


  1. We love the Yukon Golds the best too! I think that I'm going to plant more of them next year then I did this year. It's sounds like you have some pretty crazy weather and a lot of challenges growing in zone 2. It sounds like the heat wave did your garden some good.

    Happy Jam making!

  2. Robin- I'm with you for planting more Yukon gold's next year. Yeah weather in Saskatchewan is interesting. Almost breaking record highs one day and then meeting unseasonably lows the next..lol


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