A is for Apple

After talking about buying fruit trees for the past 4 years we finally took the plunge this year and bought 2 Norkent Apple Trees from Costco. Neither of us had ever heard of them, but it said that they are suppose to have a nice apple/pear taste and be quite like golden delicious. However, we obviously do not know how to read cause both of us missed the section at the bottom that said for optimum pollination plant with a different species...oooopps! We do have Saskatoon bushes and a crab apple tree near by so I figured that would be good enough for this year and next year we can do it right.

With my Dads help the trees were planted on the west side of the garden in hopes that they would eventually give us some privacy from our neighbour that subdivided their lot.

One of the apple trees..don't mind the tall grass I haven't cut yet this week

When we planted the trees they were full of blooms and I was hoping that we would get at least one apple this first year and to my surprise we ended up with three. They look a little strange, but I took a look online and it seems they are suppose to look like squashed apples..

I have noticed that both trees appear to have Cedar Apple Rust. This is a wee bit strange to me since we have neither cedars nor junipers in the yard. I took a quick sneaky look at the neighbours yards and they don't appear to have any either. However, the apple trees were beside the cedars and across from the junipers at Costco. So I am blaming Costco for the fungus...why not...lol

I hope that the fungus doesn't kill off the trees. I will have to keep a closer eye on them next year and read about the problem before it happens. If that is possible!

To night I was giving some of my garden a nightly drink and I noticed that some of the leaves on my tomatoes were turning yellow. I am not sure if this is just because I have not watered in a few days and we are stuck in a heat wave......or dare I say it BLIGHT!! I took off as many leaves as I could and then rushed in the house to see if I could find an answer. And the final answer is I am not sure. I took a picture so I could  compare it with what I could see online or in my books and nothing so far matches it. I am hoping for the best and thinking of only the worse. I have 14 tomato plants and nothing canned from last year due to late blight....FINGERS CROSSED!!


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