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Last night I made my first batch of preserves for 2011. Saskatoon Berry Jam. I was able to get 8 250ml, 1 125ml and 1 150ml. I should have just made another 250ml, but it did not look like I had enough so I got the too smaller ones and then once they were both full and I had some more left over I had to give myself a slap. Oh well its still all good. I like to make the tiny jars and give people a sampler of 3 or 4 different jams. The cool weather outside made making jam a breeze! I'm usually overheated and the house is overheated and that makes for grumpy times. Last night it took me just under an hour and I did not even break a sweat. However, with our 3rd day of overcast rainy weather I am looking for some heat again.
Saskatoon Berry Jam
In other news I am happy to report that my leeks are finally up. Not very many though maybe 6 about enough for a couple of batches of leek soup. I think I may have pulled out a few while weeding though. Next year I think I will start the seeds inside since our growing season is just not long enough.

The garlic is still a no show. After my mother and I had planted it I read online that you are suppose to plant in October or at least before the first frost. Live and learn I guess..lol I still have faith that something could still come up in the next few weeks, but I wont hold my breath.

My cauliflower seems to be taking off, however nothing is forming as of this moment. It claimed to be an early maturing hybrid, but I think they might have been full of it. It is yet another first time in my garden veggie. So like the leeks and garlic I will know better for next year.

In funny news the kitten have almost figured out how to get out of cat flap. I watched Bast call them while standing at the flap and then I could see their little bodies on the other side of the flap trying to get out. It was very funny and cute. However, I was glad that the best they could do was get a paw out each.
Bast calling the kitten to come out side


  1. Love watching a mummy cat with her kittens...or a Gen with her chicks and how they teach their young ones! Good luck with your vegies! We plant cauli and garlic in autumn here.

  2. Hello Mrs.Bok thanks for stopping by :) I don't think I have ever seen a hen with her chicks.Good reason to buy some. Thanks for the well wishes. I am going to have to try and plant cauli in the fall now too. Thank you for the advice!


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