Thinking this might be a bad year

Last night while taking a quick look at the garden I noticed A LOT of things that I did not like one bit.

Firstly the weeds seem to love this hot weather we are getting. Yesterday it was 35C and a humidex of 90% It was hot and sticky and not at all like Saskatchewan! It seemed like I had all the little buggers under control and then WHAMMMO they are everywhere and Oh well at least they are easier to pick when they get so big. I hope this weather settles down for the rest of the week and then I can actually go out and get somethings taken care of.

Secondly I think I might have powdery Mildew on one of my Zucchini plants. The one right beside it looks fine though. I am pretty sure I have had this every year though and the suckers produced like not sure about that. I included a picture below so I will try to compare with something somewhere. I am pretty sure that is what it is though. I found a few natural treatments so I am going to give one a try and see what happens. It calls for fresh milk and the hubby is a dairy farmer so I don't think it will get much fresher than that.
9 parts water to 1 part milk and spray in the evenings 3 times a week. It that doesn't work then I will try the baking soda option..but hopefully the milk does the trick.
Powdery Mildew?

Thirdly I think my beans and cucumbers have bacterial leaf rot. Again I do not know for sure. I looked it up in my books and that is what it looks like. However, once again I think I had that last year and I had amazing crops. This year everything is blooming and besides the odd leaf looks great. So I will just clip off what I can and hope for the best.
Bacterial rot on cucumbers

Bacterial rot on beans?
I also just noticed that one of my sunflowers has gone rotten over night. It was strong and green 12 hours ago and now..
Rotten sunflower?

I am very disappointed and I hope that I am just being paranoid about all this. With the tomatoes yesterday and and now all of this I hope the whole garden is not a complete failure.

I also need to get the hubby to bring the ladder out for me so I can pick more Saskatoon's. I think the birdies are having a great feast over there. However, that is neither the Saskatoon's fault or the birds..its the darn weather and well a supper busy hubby :P

On the upside we did get a wee bit of rain last night and today is wonderfully overcast and drizzly for the moment. Not good for the hay that is suppose to be drying on the field or for our wet However, great for the garden

Ending on a cute note. Here a picture of of Zada our furbaby. She is a silly dog that always puts a smile on my face.
Zada laying on here favourite thing to eat...grass


  1. That definitely looks like powdery mildew. I get it every year sooner or later. Maybe I should try the milk spray.

    As far as the beans and cucumbers go, that doesn't look like bacterial leaf spot. It looks more like rust or a deficiency maybe. I'm not real good at diseases. I know that the purple pole beans I planted for decoration in a container looked like that for awhile. Then I gave them some fish & seaweed fertilizer and then they looked good.

    Zada looks very happy and content!

  2. Robin-Thanks for the confirmation on the powdery mildew. I'll let you know how the milk spray works for me.
    I will have to look into the deficiency suggestion. That would be a lot nicer to fix:)


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