Spinach spinach everywhere!!!

Last night I couldn't sleep cause all I could think about was my damn spinach...lol Crazy hey...
I didn't think that it would bolt this early. I'll be honest I didn't even think that was an option... but after looking at it yesterday it sure was. So I laid awake wondering how long would it all last after bolting and what the heck was i going to do with it all.

I decided that I would pick enough for lunch and then pick enough to freeze.

I ended up with 28oz of fresh that I stored in the fridge and 22oz that I blanched and put into food saver bags. I have never frozen spinach before so I hope it all works out!

There is still A LOT and I mean A LOT of spinach left..so I am going to start to have to get creative.. :)
I would like to sell some...but being all the way out here by the time I drive in to make one or two stops the 6bucks I make wont even cover the gas i used getting out of the driveway....lol oh well hopefully next year i will be healthier and I can try the farmers market.


  1. I froze a lot of spinach last year. It works out great!

    I am hoping that I will have success growing spinach this fall as my spring crop was a total failure. It is one of those crops that I usually have a hard time growing.

  2. Hello Robin, thanks for stopping by :)
    I am very glad to hear that freezing spinach works out well. This is my first year growing spinach so my crop could be a failure, but I just don't know!


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