First Ever Harvest Monday

Yahoo I finally am going to participate in Harvest Monday over at Daphnes Dandelions!

 Today I harvested the last of the spinach. I think I may try and plant some more if I can find seed anywhere. However, I have heard that spinach doesn't grow well in the summer.
Last of this years spinach
More Saskatoon Berries. These are destined to be canned in Syrup. I am not a big fan of eating them that way, but my Aunt loves them so they will all be for her. I also tried something a little different. I mashed up some of the berries and added them to my beef jerky marinade. 

Kohlrabi- There are about 20more that are almost ready. I hope they keep maturing a few at a time. Since I don't know what I am going to do with all of them.

Bon Vivant Lettuce- I am surprised that all the heat we had didn't turn the lettuce bitter. I bought a new variety last week and think I will plant it today. If it doesn't turn out then at least the weeds wont take over

I was able to harvest  a garden first today. Cabbage. I am not sure if it was ready or not but it was big so i figured what the heck time to come out

And last but not least the first zucchini of the year and maybe last!

Harvest this week

Spinach 2.98lbs/ 1.03kgs
Saskatoon Berries 5lbs/2.26kg
Kohlrabi 1.6lbs/627g
Lettuce 2lbs/.907kg
Cabbage 4.6lbs/1.9kg
Zucchini 12.2oz/347g

Weekly Total 15.85/7.07kgs

Harvest totals to date

Radish 3.33lbs/1.85kgs
Spinach 9.68lbs/3.95kgs
Kohlrabi 2.6bs/1kg
Lettuce 6.1 lbs/2.76kg
Saskatoon Berries 10.07lbs/4.85kgs
Zucchini 12.2oz/347g
Cabbage 4.6lbs/1.9kg

Grand total  36.76lbs /16.675kgs

Preserved to date
8 jars of Saskatoon Berry Jam
6 Jars of 6 Saskatoon Berry Fruit in syrup
10 cups Frozen Saskatoon Berries
48oz Frozen Spinach


  1. Congrats on your first Harvest Monday post! Boy, I'm jealous of all that spinach! That's one mighty fine head of cabbage! I'm always afraid to let cabbage in the garden too long in fear it will split.

  2. Looks like a lovely cabbage! I would have picked it too! Everything looks super good!

  3. Congrats! I was going to ask, what do you do with your Kohlrabi! LOL

  4. Robin-Thank you :) Okay I'll be honest I didn't even know that cabbage could spilt if it got too big! I will have to go out and get the rest in before that happens!

    Shawn Ann- Thanks for stopping by :) Glad you liked everything!

    Allison- Thanks for visiting :) I usually just peel the kohlrabi and eat them raw with a little mayo(husband got me hooked on it)However, I have tried kohlrabi au gratin and kohlrabi puree too and they both were Yummy. I'm going to do one or the other and post it in the next few days.

  5. Welcome to Harvest Monday. Your spinach looks so good. To me it is only a memory now, but I'll plant more for the fall.

  6. Daphne-thanks for stopping by and for hosting Harvest Mondays. Its a nice way to start the week!


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