Awww shucks

A couple of weeks ago Steve from Mr. Tomato King kindly awarded me the Sunshine award.

The Sunshine Award is a lovely orange flower that bloggers give to other bloggers who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere".

I was tickled pink to receive this award. Thank you very much Steve. If you are unfamiliar with Steve`s blog Mr. Tomato King I highly suggest you go and check it out. There are always great tips about gardening along with wonderful stories about Bramble the dog as well as Dill and Anna the horses. To top this off he lives in one of my Favourite places, Brittany, France.

There are rules with this award and I fear I might have to break one of them:

Thank the person (or people) who gave this award and write a post about It.-Done

Answer the questions on your favourites below. See Below

Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers' link to their blogs, and let them know you've awarded them. 

Now there are more than 10 blogs I would love to give this award too. However, so many blogs are now ``award free``. So I figured instead of stepping one toes, creating hurt feelings either way or checking and rechecking blogs to see if they accept awards or not. I am just going to suggest that you check out 10 blogs from my sidebar. I have chosen to follow them since they bring some sunshine into my life. So click on a few that you are unfamiliar with and maybe they will brighten your day too :)

Okay on to the questions
Favourite Colour –Blue! I don`t know why I just like it best!
Favourite Animal –I love dogs. We currently have one dog named Zada.. She is a pit bull cross with lab and maybe a few more,  She has to be the most loving, docile dog I have ever met. We also have 4 cats but I wouldn`t say they are my
Favourite Number – I have always liked 13 or 30.
Favourite Drink –Nothing beats a nice cold beer on a hot day. However, I am mainly a water girl.
Facebook or Twitter – I have account on both. I use FB to play games and I haven`t been on twitter for over a year. I didn`t have any friends to follow...and following celebrities or news programs was getting
Your Passion – My family, cooking, gardening, crafting, sewing...and just life in
Giving or getting presents – I like to give presents. For some odd reason I am afraid to get gifts. Don`t get me wrong I like getting presents just stresses me
Favourite Day – hmmmm I don`t know I am going to say Saturdays
Favourite Flowers – Zinnias, tulips, roses I pretty well like them all...LOL

I would Once again a big thank you to Steve for passing the award onto me. I hope you all had fun reading about a few of my favourite things.


  1. You're very deserving! I agree, though, that it is very hard to pass it along. Most of us are too busy to stop and deal with awards, regardless of how much we might appreciate them.
    What a beautiful orange flower, though!

  2. I concur with Linda that you are very deserving and may I just say thank you since I just saw that I am one of the blogs in your sidebar!

  3. Congratulations on this award !! And what a great idea for passing it along..I will go check out your side bar now, and do some visiting !!

  4. You're a great choice for an award for creativity and inspiration. Congrats.

  5. Hi Mrs P, I do understand about passing on the award, but even if it is passed on to just one person the it keeps it going. God knows who started it, but I have found a few nice new blogs by backtracking the awards.
    You were a well deserved winner.:-)


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