Gardening week Continued

I promise I will be getting back into the sewing room soon and giving all my quilting buddies a break from all this gardening talk. However, at this time of the year the garden comes first. If I want to enjoy all the fruits (and veggies) of my labour then I have to plant the suckers first..LOL

Last night Mr.P and I got back to the garden in hopes to finish most of it. I still had a hard time trying to figure out what to put in the last spots. Sometimes you get so afraid of doing something wrong that you just don’t want to do it anymore and that is how I was feeling about the garden. Finally Mr.P said it doesn’t matter if it grows or not at least you will learn what not to do next year. He was right so I made some decisions and we got the last couple of sections planted.

Here are some pictures or everything planted. Now all they are pictures of dirt and sticks..But I will show you them anyhow. I am going to the city to buy tomatoes today and my seedlings are not in yet as there has been frost in the mornings still...but for the most part the main garden in planted. You'll have to ignore the dandelions
Herb Garden
Cilantro, parsley, oregano, basil, anise, tarragon, marjoram, mint, chamomile, rosemary

Onion plot
4rows red onions, 5rows white, 2 rows leeks, 2 rows bunching onions, 1 row pickling onions, 2 rows spinach, 2 empty rows for spinach to seed in a few weeks

Cabbage plot
2 Brussels spouts, 2 rows broccoli, 3 rows cauliflower, 2 rows cabbage, 2 rows pak choi

Potato Plot
4 rows Yukon Gold, 3rows Norland, 3 rows Blue Russian

Mixed plot
3 rows Tender-long carrots, 1.5 rows rainbow carrots, 2 rows Easter egg radishes(plus 2 more rows for fall planting) 3 rows bon vivant lettuce(plus 3 more for later plating) 6 more empty rows for fall beets, kohlrabi
1 row purple kohlrabi, 1 row white kohlrabi, 1 row Detroit beets, 1 row chiogga beets, 1 row touchstone gold beets.

Tomato plot
18 roma tomatoes to be planted, 1 row of hot Hungarian peppers tbp
1 row of eggplants tbp, 1 row of zucchini

Pea and Bean Plot
3 rows peas, 1 row parsnips, 1 row green beans, 1 row Windsor beans, 2 rows of cucumbers
2 rows of soy beans

Pea and squash plot
3 rows peas, 1 row turnips, 2 hills of butter nut squash

Sweet potato
This is a 30 by 10 plot and I have 5 sweet potato slips. Am i giving them too much room?

This is the new garden. It's kind of hard to see in this picture, but it is the part that is more dirt that grass. I have pumpkin and spaghetti squash seedlings that are going to go in here on Saturday. I don’t like walking in there as I hear mice (in my head I am sure) and I am afraid they are going to crawl up my Mr.P’s solution...don’t wear pants...LOL

So there you go this my garden at the end of May. Fingers crossed this will be a good year for the garden. 


  1. You could always tuck your pants into your socks. I laugh at the image of the mice trying to crawl up your pants. I really don't think mice want to be anywhere near you.

  2. My goodness girl! You have one huge garden!

    I don't think mice will bother you at all. It would make for a funny video though!

  3. Your so lucky to have so much land!! If I had as much I'd be decking out my backyard with all sorts of herbs and vegetables. Fresh cilantro and basil are always the best, though.

    -Oscar Valencia


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