WIP 02/05/2012

Well it is that time of the week again. I didn’t get a lot done in the past week, but I did get my bee blocks finished by the 30th. Two blocks went in the mail on the 30th and the other 2 are going in today, since I forgot to take them along the other day...lol April was a busy month with the blog hop, going away and the 5 bees I am in. Most of my April to do list did not get completed so here is to May being more productive!

Today I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.

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Okay so I am going to start with a couple of finishes off of the April to do list.

We Bee Learning group one block for Jane- Whirly giggle. After I got my template to the correct size this was nice and easy to make. Jane asked for girly fabric and I think this will go along nicely with the others.

International Stashers block for Meg- Octagonal Orb for Amy. When I started to sew the triangles together I was amazed at how well my seams were going together. However, when I put the pairs together it started to get a lot less perfect. Nonetheless, I am still really happy with it. It was A LOT of work though. The link to the tutorial can be found HERE

My May to do list
We Bee Learning group one block for Teresa- Still waiting for this one to be posted
We Bee Learning group two block for Barbara-She would like a Bow Tie Block in a theme...I still have to go through my fabric to see if I can find a theme. Or oh no I might have to by more fabric..What a shame....tee hee hee J
Bee Creative 2012 block for Jennifer- Still waiting for this one to be posted
Wonky Bee block for Cherry- It is currently in the mail crossing the border hopefully
International Stashers block for Shauna- Raw edge circles...4 big ole blocks..This one scares me!!!
Red white and blue Blog hop – I know one thing I am going to make for sure, but I would l like to make more than one block...I don’t think it has to be quilted just a block so that works for me...lol
June Mini- Still not sure what I want to do that say JUNE....
Christmas QAL 2012- I was away when the unit C instructions came out so I need to catch up on that before the 12th when the next set of instructions comes out!!
Baby quilt-cut out, assemble, and quilt
Table runner- I have pieced this sucker together. Now I just need to get the backing on and quilt it
Log cabin- put on binding
Log Cabin Christmas quilt – sandwich and quilt
Sew Happy Geek QAL- Blocks 5, 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 still need to be done
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- The grey fabric for my sashing came in. Now I need to get to work
We bee Learning group 2 quilt- I am suck on sashing or no sashing now...lol
May NEWFO- I bought a couple of kits that I would like to try and at least start this month
2011 BOM- Since it is 2012 you can see I am a bit behind on this one. I have Jan, Feb., March done. I just finished April and I am working on May.
Halloween Wall Hanging- this was a kit so everything is ready to be to start cutting and sewing

So there you go my rather long and scary list of what I would like to get done. If you are a regular here you might have noticed that there are some things that are not coming off the list....lol I noticed too and I am going to try and get one thing from the WIP without progress section this month!!!


  1. Excellent hexagon variation! I saw the tutorial awhile ago and have been contemplating it... Maybe it is time to start it...

  2. hahaha! I get tired reading your list!! You sure do have a lot on the go! Have fun!

  3. Oh my goodness...your list is scary! But I am sure that you will get a lot done! A true quilter with a bottomless basket :). I love your octagonal block, the colours are so vibrant.

  4. Ha ha, your list looks as long and scary as mine! Fantastic job on that Octagonal Orb block - all that piecing of small pieces makes me nervous -- but you nailed it!

  5. That orb looks like a heck of a lot of work. Good on you for getting it done!

  6. Love the bold colours--so nice and cheerful!

  7. Mrs. Pickles, this is Jennifer from International Stashes...the orb block looks GREAT!!! You need to post it on our blog too. :-)

  8. Wow your list makes me tired! Your orb block is beautiful....I am so excited that it is headed to my home! Thank you again!
    Amy International Stashes

  9. Great piecing and if you only move ahead by two, well, that is still moving forward.

  10. You are a very precise piecer!

  11. Wow...that octagonal orb looks very challenging...well done:)


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