Getting the Garden Ready!

On Monday night Mr. Pickles brought the garden tractor from the farm over to our place to till the garden. This was the first time I had seen the truck bed come off so I took a few pictures.  I held my breath the whole time thinking the tractor would fall off and then celebrated by cheering and clapping when it is all over. Mr. P thought I was crazy...LOL

Just starting to bring up the bed

Really starting to see it moving up now 

Even higher...gulp!! 

Front of the bed safely on the ground....but tractor at steep angle!!...double gulp!! 

Garden tractor safely on the ground...phew!!!! 

On Tuesday Mr.P tilled the garden for me. Look how pretty it all looks now. I am hoping that today we and by we I mean Mr.P will be able to get in my root crops. I stupidly marked out my 10ft sections, stupid because I shouldn’t be bending over. However my calculations over the winter for the new garden layout suggested that I would be able to get 9 10ft sections with 2ft between sections. And guess what I WAS that doesn’t happen too often. I now have to divide each section into 3 sub sections and then I can start planting. I only want to divide the sections as I plant as to not pack down the dirt too much.

Mr.P tilling the garden

West side of the garden...and the pitch 

East side of the garden 

The whole garden tilled!!!! 

On Tuesday Mr.P also started mowing down the back 3 acres of land. It for the most part is all over grown. The rough cut mower only cut off the tops of everything. There is quite a lot of undergrowth and it makes it feel quite springy when you step on it. So we are not sure what we are going to do back there  At least mowing some of it down is a start!! here is the before picture....Our land goes all the way to the barn in the back and then there is a lot more to the right and left of this picture too. Right now only about 1/4 of this picture is the after picture it still a Work in Progress!


  1. Wow! Nice garden! It looks a lot like a farm we were buyingmany years ago but the deal fell through when the buyers of our house couldn't sell theirs. It's probably for the best. My DH wouldn't have been a lot of help, I don't think. I can't even imagine how I'd be dealing with it now: me so much older and the kids gone.

  2. I stupidly marked out my 10ft sections, stupid because I shouldn’t be bending over.
    Thank you for post.

  3. I just love fresh earth! It's beautiful!

  4. That's a big garden. We're putting ours in this weekend.

  5. I had no idea you had so much land! I can't wait to see how your garden grows!

  6. Can I come and live with you? I want all that land! :)
    That's a nice big garden. And yes, get Mr P to do all the work. No more bending over for you missy! Lol.

  7. Boy, that sure beats the hand tilling we have to do for our little garden!! LOL!!

  8. Jody-it never seems that big until we want to do something in the My husband wants to make a second garden back there...I say we should bring a few calves from the farm over instead!

    Theenglishladies- Me too its just so pretty!

  9. OMG, that isn't a garden, it's a FARM! I garden in little raised beds and in pots in my driveway. No space.

  10. Lou- lol thanks i forget how much space we have sometimes


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