Sewing Saturday

Finally after what seems like forever I am doing a sewing Saturday post. I also signed up to take part in Friday Night Sew in...Since I was going to be sewing on Friday anyhow...! So go on over and see what everyone else did last night!

Handmade by Heidi

I really wanted to get my last two blocks done for two of the bees that I am in. Our May host for the international stashes bee Shauna requested a raw edge circle with grey background and then what ever colour we wanted for the circles. I choose blue. I have never sewn circles before and this block had me shaking in my boots. What made it even scarier was that she requested not one 13.5x13.5 block, but FOUR OF THEM!! So that made it FOUR TIMES SCARIER!! Nonetheless, I got it done and guess what. I am pretty darn good at sewing circles....who knew!

My stitches actually matched up when I sewed around the circle....WOW

The back...still a circle

Here is a picture of the circles before they got sliced up. 

Here they are all mixed up and guess what....still circles!! What the heck, eh? 

This makes one big 26X26 square...sooo big!

For the Wonky Bee our May host Cherry also chose circles, but requested them to be appliqué and of course....WONKY. For this bee you send the fabric out to everyone. It’s neat to take a peek at other peoples fabric it makes you think hey I need some of that...LOL
I think my wonky circles might be more eggs than circles...but they are wonky. I hope she likes them. I really enjoy doing appliqué it’s just so easy draw, cut, iron, cut, iron and easy peasy you have a cool square! Cherry also provided us with the thread she would like us to use to sew them down. I just have to ask if we are doing that by hand or on the machine and then I will be done with my bees for the month!!! YAY ME!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great day


  1. Wow! Didn't those circles you sliced up work into something exciting! Before slicing, it didn't look like it would be as pretty as it turned out. Excellent technique!!

  2. Your circles are just fabulous. I love what happens when you cut them up like that.

  3. Yay that you're back sewing again. Don't be tempted to do too much in one go though.

    Good work with the circles! Very impressed that they all lined up and are true circles.

  4. Great circles!! I did them ONCE and they were uummmmm not so pretty!! Yours are great! And circles!! :)

  5. Love the circles, what great motion after you sliced those up.

  6. Your circle sewing is super. I had no idea that four circle blocks could look so amazing when sliced and refitted. This quilting world is quite the eye-opening mind expanding experience. Super Sunday to you...

  7. Wow! I love your circles! They look fabulous!


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