I have a few ideas running around my head today as to what to post on and since they are all kind of short I thought I would include them all together.

I didn`t get any sewing done on Friday night to show for sewing Saturday. We went to the horse races instead in hopes to win money to buy more fabric...lol Okay that is not the reason why we went, but why not right...LOL

You may have noticed a new button on the sidebar that reads. Quilting Bloggers Logo Michelle the lovely host of the Quilting Gallery has created a directory of quilting bloggers from around the world. I have used the directory before and for some reason never thought about adding mine to the list. After receiving a reminder in her newsletter about signing up I thought hey I should add mine and I did.

After all the rain we had the garden is finally starting to dry out. We have company this week-end so the garden is going to have to wait yet again. However, the weather has been very cool here. We even dipped below Zero to a chilly -3C. Nothing like a risk of snow at the end of May...lol Oh well the garden will get in when it gets in! They are calling for rain again today, but only starting at 3. I am hoping Mr.P can get home from work before then so we can get a little bit in. My initial plan was to just put in my root crops however it is late enough in the month that I am just going to start planting according to my garden plan.

That’s it for today no pictures, no exciting stories. However June 1st is going to be my 1 year blog anniversary so stay tuned for a wee little giveaway J


  1. Hello Mrs P...
    Thanks for having the company. Sorry your garden didn't get in. You do know your company would have loved to help you plant it!

  2. Snow in May? Is that normal for you? Here in the UK our temps have been in the 80s this week, and that is definitely not normal for us.

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  4. I just had to share with you Mrs. Pickles that we are now the proud owners of our very own blueberry bush! Our little garden is starting to grow!

  5. Trina- Thanks for visiting...however I would never have my company plant a whole garden for me...lol


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