Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard

On the week-end my parents came out to make sausage. Our plan was to start at 10am and get 3 different types of sausage made. My father picked Smoked Polish Kielbasa, My Mother picked Irish Breakfast sausage and Mr.P choose Mild Italian sausage. 

The morning started off poorly or should I say rotten! When my father opened up the pork roasts he bought the day before a great stench came from the bag. It was beyond anything I had ever smelt before and I have smelt some pretty bad At first thought it was just the blood in the bag as sometimes that can give off an unpleasant odour. The roasts best before date was May 24th and it looked perfect so we figured it couldn’t be rotten.  The roast was washed and the smell got worse and then worse. My father cut into the roast and can you believe it the smell got even worse to the point where we almost had to leave the house do to the rotten egg, rotten flesh case you hadn’t figured it out was pretty darn smelly....LOL

So that put a damper in our sausage making day. We put the roast into 2 garbage bags and the sucker still smelt. It went into the freezer and it still smelt...finally it went into the back of the truck box and we stayed away. We tried calling around to some of the smaller grocery stores in the area to see if they carried any pork shoulder, they did not. So my father drove the 40mins back to the city to buy some more at a different store of course.

We ended up starting to cut/grind meat at 12pm and then my father mixed up his 15lbs of sausage and we let it sit until Mr.P got home. At that point the guys started getting the smoker up and running and my mom started to mix her 7.5lbs of sausage. Once the smoker was smoking Mr.P mixed his 7.5lbs and after a quick clean up we were ready to start stuffing.

Now did I take any pictures of the smoker or of us making the I didn’t think of that until this morning when I was typing this post...LOL  Did I take any pictures of the sausage......just a few and then are not that great. But here they are

We made some sausage patties out of the Irish Breakfast sausage....I should have taken the top paper off for the

Irish Breakfast sausage 

Smoked Polish Kielbasa Getting a bath 

Each couple got one bag with all that Smoked Polish Kielbasa 

This is where the picture for the Italian sausage would be if I took one...LOL

Making 30 pounds of sausage in one day was a bit too much for all of us and by the end of the night we were all exhausted. All of the sausages were a success though one or two may be on the salty side, but still good. The Italian sausage Mr. P chose to make won out as best sausage for sure. Next time we plan on just making one type and making a whole bunch of it...but that will be in the future. Right now we have 3 grocery bags of sausage to eat!

So that was the hi-light of what has been going on in my kitchen in the last week. I am linking up with Thursday's Kitchen Cupboard hosted this week by Jody at Spring Garden Acre.

On a side note today is Mr. Pickles Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Mr.P I love you so very very much!!

Have a great day


  1. Looks great, we have never tried to make sausage. We eat a lot of Kielbasa so maybe we should try to learn. Have you ever tried making sausage from lower fat meats like maybe turkey?

  2. I've never made sausage myself. I'm not a big eater of it. My husband would eat it every week if he could.

  3. I've never made sausage, but it looks like a lot of work! I know that even meat with a "best than..." date that hasn't expired can still go bad if left unrefrigerated. How sad that the store had it on their shelves!
    Now you can enjoy all that hard work.
    (I'm not a big sausage fan, either, but my husband and sons are.)

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  5. Good Heavens! What an undertaking that was......and then added to the "smelly pork incident".....I can see why you were all so tired. The biggest project I've attempted, I think, is making tamales.......seemed like it had to have been at least 500....ok probably only 100 but it felt like

  6. We've made venison sausage in the past and talked about making smoked bologna. I wonder if the process is similar? Yours looks tasty.

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  8. Sounds like a messy,fun,busy, sort of day..........can imagine just what the smell was like and you must have a great sense of humor to be laughing!!!!
    I do love homemade sausages(although never made my own)our local butcher makes one called a BullBoar from a Swiss/Italian recipe.
    Hope your sausages keep well and your enjoying them for some time.

  9. My first job when leaving school was making hundreds of pork sausages a day, but the boss was the only one that knew the special herb and spices mixture that went into them.
    However I am sure they were not as tasty as your home-made sausages look.
    Happy Birthday Mr P.

  10. Happy birthday Mr P.

    All of those sausages look wonderful.

  11. We love Polish Kielbasa but have never made our own. Would you be willing to share your recipes? I would love to try them.

  12. Yuck! I hope he took the rotten meat back to where he bought it and made them smell it until he got his money back. I'm impressed that the smell didn't completely put you off making sausages that day.

  13. stoneyacres-its very rewarding to make your own sausage you should give it a try. We would like to try and make a turkey sausage next time.

    Jody-smoked bologna sounds interesting if you give it a try you will have to let me know how it turns out for sure!

  14. I love sausage but never made it myself, looks like lots of work.

  15. I have ALWAYS wanted to try this! Mainly because I am a HUGE fan of turkey (or chicken) and spinach and the place I used to get it no longer has it so I want to try it!! Someday!! :)

  16. Wow, that is a LOT of sausage. We make ours in much smaller batches, and almost always with a friend. What a shame that the first roast was bad. Horrible experience. Please share how you smoke the sausages. We just grind the pork, mix in the seasonings and stuff it into casings.

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