NewFO April Edition

Today was supposed to be my post for the April NewFO Challenge. However when I went to take pictures of what I started in April I couldn’t a whole heck of a lot. However, I felt like I did a lot...

 As you may recall the Challenge put forth by Barbara over at Catpaches was to start one (or more) new projects each month. The idea is for those of us without a lot of UFO (unfinished objects) to start stock piling a few. So it is a pretty great challenge just start something new and no obligations to get it finished.

My big NewFO's for April were my Easter Mini and my Starflower Mini that I made for the Table Topper Blog Hop. Both of these actually got finished in time which made me very happy. I have shown them a few times on here already so you can check them out over HERE.

My other NewFO is my BOM for May. I cut everything out, but I have only gotten one stem sewed together.

And the NewFO that I forgot about is my table runner. Now this was my first official NEWFO project back in January. However, I finally got it pieced together in April so I am still counting it as a NEWFO....LOL

From my April to do list I was able to scratch off nine things. Which makes me very HAPPY
We bee learning Bee group 1 –DONE-
We bee learning bee group 2–DONE-
Bee Creative 2012–DONE-
International Stashes–DONE-
Wonky Bee–DONE-
Easter Mini–DONE-
Blog Hop Mini–DONE-
Piecing together table runner–DONE-
Sandwich and quilting shamrock mini–DONE-

Make sure you take the trip over to Barbara`s blog to see what everyone else started in April!

****on a side note I may be MIA for awhile due to the surgery I have to go for tomorrow morning. I am hoping that they don`t have to fix/remove anything and I will be just out of blogging action for one day or maybe the week-end****


  1. Do have a speedy recovery, and hurry back to us!

  2. still very busy !! Hope you are back in action soon!

  3. That's a really good start!

  4. Wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery!

  5. Good luck with the surgery. I hope all goes well and you're back in action quickly.

  6. What a great table runner. Hope all is well with surgery and a speedy recovery.

  7. Ya to a list where everything is done!! Hope all goes well with surgery!!


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