WIP- Garden edition

Last night Mr. Pickles and I were able to get in a few more rows in the garden. After we had planted everything I realized that I may have made a HUGE error in my planting. I will tell you what we all got planted and then I will tell you what I think the problem is.

Okay so in section 2 which is 30 x 10 we planted
 1.       Brussel Sprouts – Seeds 
 2 .    Broccoli- seedlings  
 3. Cauliflower-direct sow       
 4. Cabbage- transplants     
 5. Broccoli- direct sow   

6.  Cabbage-transplants      
7. Cauliflower- transplants      
8. Cauliflower- transplants
      9.       Broccoli-transplants
     10.   Pack Choi
     11.   Pack Choi

Section 3 which is 30x10 we planted 
   1.       Potatoes- Yukon gold 
   2 .       Potatoes- Yukon gold
   3.       Potatoes- Yukon gold
   4.       Potatoes- Norland
   5.       Potatoes- Norland
   6.       Potatoes- Norland
   7.       Potatoes- Blue Russian
   8.       Potatoes- Blue Russian
   9.       Potatoes- Blue Russian
   10.   Potatoes- Yukon gold

Section 4 which is 30x10 we planted 
   1.       Chioggia Beets
   2.       Detroit Beets
   3.       Touchstone Gold beets
   4.       Vienna White Kohlrabi
   5.       Purple Kohlrabi
   6.       Empty- fall Beets
   7.       Empty- fall Beets
   8.       Empty- fall Beets
   9.       Empty-fall Kohlrabi
   10.   Empty- fall kohlrabi
   11.   Empty- lettuce?
   12.   Empty - lettuce?
   13.   Empty- Radish?
   14.   Empty -Radish?
   15.   Empty- Radish?
   16.   Carrots-tender long
   17.   Carrots-tender long
   18.   Carrots tender long
   19.   Carrots- rainbow

So here is my problem. I am running out of room to plant my tomatoes. If I plant them in section 5 are they going to be too close to the potatoes which are 14 feet away? Also if they are planted in section 5 are they going to be too close to my Kohlrabi which will be 2 feet away. However the next problem is that if I plant them in section 6 they are going to be getting shade by 6pm and they will be in the same area as my potatoes were last year and were there was blight 2 years ago. So long story short I think I just screwed up!!

I also still have a lot to plant. If tomatoes go in as section 5 I have to fit the rest into section 6 and 7 which get shade by 5. Mr.P did till me a new 18x18 garden in part of our back land. I think it is in a silly spot, but it will get full sun. My worries with the new garden are that there are A LOT of mice back there and I am afraid that they will get at whatever I plant.

Bush beans section 7?
Hot Peppers section 7?
Eggplants  section 7?
Broad beans section 7?
Eadame section 7?
Lettuce- possibly will plant in section 4?
Radishes 3 types- possibly will plant in section 4?
Tomato section 5?
Peas section 6?
Cucumbers section 6?
Spaghetti squash- possibly will plant in new garden plot?
Zucchini section 6?
Pumpkin- possibly will plant in new garden plot?
Butternut squash section 6?
Sweet potatoes - possibly will plant in new garden plot?
Parsnips section 7?
Turnips section 7?

So that is where I am right now....lots of information hey...lol

I will leave you with one Picture. Here is my sweet potato. Now if I am correct I just twist off they slips and put them into a jar of water until they get roots...and then I can plant them. Should be interesting..lol


  1. Good luck figuring out your dilemma. With only one tomato plant it was easy for me.

  2. Have you ever checked out Square Foot Gardening? He plants things all bunched in together to keep weeds out. Maybe your tomatoes could go between something else?

  3. Your sweet potato looks good. I cut out my slip with a sharp knife, kinda dig into the potato, and if your past your frost date you can plant them right into the ground.

  4. Oh, my. What a dilemma! here I was, worrying about what to plant in that 2 square foot area where I just pulled some lettuce! Good luck.

  5. I'm still learning myself, but here are my thoughts on your dilemma.

    Put the tomatoes in with the potatoes. they're from the same family so to speak so shouldn't be planted where each other or themselves were planted in the previous two years (using the 3 year cycle rule), but I don't see why they can't go in the same bed provided there's room.

    Cucumbers do better in more shaded regions than full sun. I'd probably put the lettuce, spinach and radishes here too. My spinach always bolts really early because the area I grow it in is in full sun, so I've decided they must want more shade. I think lettuce and radish are similar but haven't grown them.

    I'd put the butternut, pumpkin and zucchini (maybe all the squash) in the new bed as they like lots of sun.

    Peas and beans can usually grow really well even when they don't have sun all day. Also, if you plant them where any of your pumpkin and squash were the previous year even better. They (the latter) are very heavy feeders and the legumes will help improve the soil.

    And there ends my knowledge. But I in no way claim to be an expert.

  6. and in my book the Toms are the most used staple in my house!! You had best get it figured out there girlie!! LOL I hope you get them all in!
    Love the tato experiment ala 6th grade science!! LOL (Have I ever mentioned I went to school in between corn fields!! We did that kind of thing!!)

  7. Wow, I got tired just reading about all the work you've done! ha!

    Sounds like a good combo of veggies though. Maybe you can do containers on your porch for your tomatoes. My daughter does that very successfully. Good luck!

  8. I got so far as to clean up my garden after the winter, but have no thought to planting it yet...maybe I will just let this year go and worry about other yard projects that have been neglected for too many years.


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