Seedlings update

As you may recall a couple of weeks ago my seedlings came home. After some initial freaking out of what exactly needed to be transplanted and what did not the lovely Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions answered my crazy questions and I was able to actually get some things done.

I didn’t transplant everything into larger pots for the most part I just thinned things down from 3 seedlings per cell to one. Most had one strong one and two week limp little ones. The stronger ones I transplanted into different containers and for the most part the stranglers were pulled up.

I had A LOT of fun transplanting things and was getting a big itch to get into the garden!! I was also happy that everything was still alive and was hoping that they would survive me transplanting them.

I would say all but 3 plants didn’t survive the transplanting. 2 parsley and one Brussels sprout. I think they didn’t have enough roots on them and died the next day.

Here are just a few my transplanted containers. I will have to go down and get some more recent pictures since these were taken 2 weeks ago!


Hungarian wax peppers

After my surgery I left the well being of the plants to Mr. Pickles since I couldn’t go downstairs. He assured me everything was doing great, however while he was out on Tuesday night I took my time and went down to take a look. I wasn’t very impressed. Everything was beyond dry and my Artichokes had choked........because there was just dust left for dirt. Mr.P assured me that he watered them and since I saw him water them as I inspected from the doorway upstairs I couldn’t be too upset. Maybe they were just not meant to grow......two of the 5 artichoke did spring back so I guess that is better than nothing. I haven’t been able to get downstairs for 2 days now so I am going to try and sneak down once again and make sure everything is okay.

I would like to start taking my plants outside now to harden them off a bit, however we have had 4 extremely windy days in a row now. I think if I put them outside they would end up breaking so here’s to hoping that the rest of the week is wind free!

Mr. Pickles brought out some 5 year old manure for the garden last week and sprayed the garden today with vinegar to kill the chick weed, quack grass and weeds that are living in the garden right now. So hopefully he will be able to till the garden tomorrow and by the week-end I hope to have the potatoes in for sure and maybe a few of my other root crops. HOW EXCITING!!!! 

Last year the garden went in on the 26th of May so if I can get it in this week I will be ahead of the game....let me say this again. HOW EXCITING!


  1. I'd forgotten just how far north you are! Isn't Daphne such great help? She's helped me out of more than one gardening pickle since we met online. I can't wait to see how your garden grows!

  2. Those basil transplants look lovely. Mine are way too tall this year. I need to start them later next year. I'm sure they will live, but for a while they won't be happy.

  3. Sorry to hear you're still in pain and limited in movement. Hope it's not for much longer.

    It must be hard relying on someone else to look after your seedlings. The ones you've shown us look good. Here's hoping most of them survive until you can take over their care.

    As for the wind, is there somewhere outside that has a wind break? Maybe they csn go there

  4. Jody- I think if the garden was ready I could have some of my root crops in. However it is still going down to 2C at nights and I don't think my other plants would survive!


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