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Yesterday I decided to move the fan into the craft room and try to get some sewing done. Now when you have crap treasures laying all over the place it gets a bit crazy in there when you add some wind, but it was better than melting or not getting anything done.

Now when I wrote this post yesterday this is the list of everything I assumed I would get finished

We Bee Learning group one and two blocks
Bee creative 2012 block
Christmas blog hop blocks

Let’s just say things didn’t exactly go as planned! I decided that I was going to tidy up a bit and cut some fabric in half that I had bought for my mother and me to share. By the time I was half way through doing that 2 hours had passed and I hadn’t even started on blocks.  By then it was smoking in the house and I took a wee break.

I decided to start on the lightening block that Phuong requested in group one. It seemed easy enough and the instructions over  at Jenn of all trades were nice and simple. The actually cutting and sewing of each block was a breeze and then all hell broke I couldn’t get my zig zags to work out. I would have everything ready to sew then once I put the blocks back down nothing matched up it took me 2 hours to get the block done. It wasn’t the blocks fault my head just wasn’t working. I did end up with some pretty neat patterns though....LOL

Here is my finished product. I just love this block and can’t wait to see the whole quilt!

I am going to try and get another block done today, but this time I will limit myself to just one!

Happy Friday the 13th


  1. The heat is horrible when you're not used to it or prepared for it! My son in California called to say that the day after we left the temperatures rose to 110 and have stayed around there during the day for several days! If you don't have air conditioning, that can be really hard to deal with. (He's used to it, by the way.)
    Stay cool. I like to put an ice cube or cold drink can on my wrist to cool off quickly when it's too hot. You might try that.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get something done in spite of the heat. The blocks are unusual and I bet they will be striking. I've always like the turquoise(teal), red and white together.


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