Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard 07/19/2012

Last week I choose Canada Grills! By Char Broil as my cookbook for the week. With all the doctor’s appointments that I have had to go to we have not been home much to do any cooking. Last week the recipes I was going to try were:

Rib eyes with Balsamic mushroom sauce p78,  Grilled pork chops with garlic, citrus and cilantro p104, Ribs p117 Grilled chicken with balsamic garlic sauce p 152, Grilled Chicken Cacciatore p156 Bourbon bbq Cornish hens p 166, grilled scallops with asparagus and toasted walnuts

I didn’t even get the chance to try one of them. We were in the city 5 out of 7 days and for the two we were home I wasn’t feeling up to trying anything new. Depressing, but the truth.

I had previously made burgers using some sirloin roasts we had in the freezer from a beef we slaughtered in 2009. I know they were there for awhile and I couldn’t bring myself to toss them so I brought them up and ground them up with the meat grinder. I then added a little onion and spices and put them into my burger maker, made burgers and froze them again. I know you are not supposed to thaw and refreeze meat, but I did. It was beef from our farm so I wasn’t too worried about it. Having the burgers ready to go whenever we need them is nice, especially in a week like this. I just take them out let them thaw for a bit and then plop them on the bbq.
I forgot to take a pic this time....but this is from when I 1st got my burger thingy last year. So same thing this time around, just more burgers this time.

They turned out even better than when we had had them “fresh” last month. I was also able to use a lot of things from the garden with them...onions, lettuce, pickles....okay only 3 but it’s something. Not the best picture but it was YUMMY. Yes we did have pasta with a creamy gruyere sauce with our burgers..Strange YES but that is what Mr. Pickles wanted. I tried to hide it in the We also had salad, but it’s not pictured.

I am going to try the above recipes again this week and hopefully I will have better luck.

I am linking up with Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard hosted by Robin from The Gardener of Eden. Check out her blog and see what other people are cooking from around the globe.


  1. Burgers sound so good. Maybe I should make some tonight.

  2. Mmm, burgers... Of course, I'm vegetarian, but now I know I must buy burger ingredients this weekend. And more curly fries - a real pub grub meal. None of this strange pasta stuff ;)

    Hugs for the trying week. Good to see you got some sewing done (last post). Really like how the blues in your wonky log cabin go together.

  3. A good burger always hits the spot!

  4. I have two old burger makers that I got when I was married...umm...a few years ago:) They are so handy for making burgers to freeze.

  5. I guess there are a lot of kitchen "rules" when it comes to handling food, but I would trust my own meat thawing and refreezing. The burger sure LOOKS delicious!

  6. We love a good burger and usually have them once a week - or at least every other week. Even better when the tomatoes are on to dress them with.

  7. {HUGS} Your burger looks so yummy I think I might need to drive up next time you are having them ;) Nothing wrong with a cheesy pasta to go along with it :)


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