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Thursdays Kitchen cupboard

The past week I took a break from my summer Cookbook challenge. It was just too hot to put any thought into what to make. I just threw whatever I could find on the bbq and tried not to I also didn’t keep up too well with my Betty Crocker recipes to try and now I cannot remember which day I had

Fajitas p 271- I had never done Fajitas on the bbq before and they were amazing the taste of the char on the veggies and chicken was just GREAT. I will definitely be trying this again and again
Bbq chicken and veggies for the Fajitas...this is for both of us not just my

New Style Pork Chops 302 This was okay, but so close to our normal marinade that it simply tasted like I forgot a few ingredients. I  used my canned whole tomatoes to make a little sauce for our pasta. I also added in some garden fresh onions and some the basil from the patio garden.

Texas T-bones p270 I didn’t have any t-bones, but I did have tenderloin that I had previously cut into steaks. They were yummy as usual

Spanish Chicken p 158,Creamy Ham and fettuccine p532,  Beef Roast and Yorkshire pudding p287,Beer can chicken p266  were the other recipes I was going to make and I will be honest I cannot for the life of my remember if I made them or So they are going to have to be revisited later

This week is another scorcher so I decided to choose Canada Grills! By Char Broil it is full of recipes to make on your grill. Now that my garden in finally producing I am looking forward to using a lot more Fresh Ingredients this week!

I think I am going to try Rib eyes with Balsamic mushroom sauce p78,  
Grilled pork chops with garlic, citrus and cilantro p104, 
Ribs p117 Grilled chicken with balsamic garlic sauce p 152,
 Grilled Chicken Cacciatore p156 
Bourbon bbq Cornish hens p 166, 
grilled scallops with asparagus and toasted walnuts p221

This should be a yummy week. I am linking up with ThursdaysKitchen Cupboard hosted by Robin from The Gardener of Eden. Check out her blog and see what other people are cooking from around the globe.


  1. Everything looks and sounds yummy! We are having some more really hot weather too. It's so hard to cook when it's so so hot out!

  2. I have the "don't want to cook" syndrome, too. It's just too hot to get excited about cooking or eating. I think everyone should just eat cereal and sandwiches in this weather!

  3. Oh that looks so good. I have not been cooking since my grandchildren and daughter moved out of the house. I do quick dishes when I feel like cooking it feels great not to worry about whats' for dinner questions.


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