Week 5

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July 10th

Week 5

Oh my, the weeks are starting to fly by! I know I know I want the garden to grow, but I don’t want the months to fly by so fast...lol

Week 5 was a good week even though we had heavy rain and hail on the 3rd followed by strong winds on the 4th. The garden did get some damage as I noticed a few holes in my cabbages and a few more potatoes were missing parts. I think my peppers have the worst damage, but I am not sure if it’s just the soil, bugs, or the weather.

So here is the main garden at week 5

And the new garden at week 5

In the herb garden things are still over run by weeds. My basil is doing quite well amongst the weeds and the purple basil really likes all the company too...lol I was beginning to think that the rest of my herbs were a total loss since I couldn’t distinguish between herbs and weeds. I decided to pull a few weeds and look what I found....CILANTRO

Once I found that I went looking for the parsley and here is it!
Those were the only two that I found though so we will still have to wait on the rest

The onions, leeks, Brussels sprouts and 3 spinach plants are all doing well.

The broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are all doing great

The Pak choi is too cute....stupid chick weed BTW can i take the outside leaves off these and they keep growing...or do I harvest them all at once.....I'll have to google that

Potatoes are just starting to bloom. I think that means new potatoes are in the near future

In the mix plot the beets are slowing coming along as are the carrots. I think the kohlrabi may be ready in a week.
The spinach is finally coming up and doing much better over here.

The radishes are all now out....AND YUMMY I will be replanting more this week.

The lettuce is ready for its first cut of the season....I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

The tomatoes are doing well. They are not very tall, but they are flowering and I even spotted the first tomato today!

The eggplants and peppers are not doing much of anything, but the Zucchinis are HUGE!! No flowers but its growing.

The other mixed plot is doing great too. The peas should start flowering this week and the broad beans are getting big....maybe they are magic beans....what out Giant I am coming for the golden eggs...LOL The rest of the beans, green and soy are doing okay but not as impressive. The cucumbers are starting to get flowers and hopefully Mr. P will put in the fence posts so we can get the trellises up!

The turnip and pea plot is doing great. Still no sign of the butter nuts.

The pepper and sweet potato plot just is well slow. 2 peppers died as did 4 sweet potatoes. I don’t have much hope for the rest even though they look healthy

In the new garden the pumpkins and spaghetti squash are actually getting bigger and the cauliflower is dying...LOL oh well

As you can see in both cases things are really starting to grow with all this heat we have been getting.  Last night was the first time in a week that the garden saw any water. I usually rely on Mother Nature to water my garden and then I water it from the well when it gets too dry. While I was watering last night the mosquitoes were so so so very bad and for lucky me it feels like needle injection every time they bite.(which is new)I was almost in tears, but Mr.P kept saying he was getting bit too so quit whining...lol I did but even after spaying with Off ever 5 mins I was still getting eaten alive. When we came in a few hours later Mr. P apologized not because I wasn’t a whiner...I was...lol But because I had about 100 bright red swollen bits on my back. He took a pic so I could see them and then we both cried because it looked so horrible. I just had a really bar reaction to them which doesn’t bode well for the rest of the summer..stupid Mosquitoes!!

have a great day


  1. So sorry about the mosquitoes. I barely notice when I get bit by them. Being allergic to them would be painful.

  2. Oh my! You have in abundance one thing I really lack: space!

  3. My goodness, once it started growing, it really took off!

    Sorry about all the bites. My mother-in-law was like that. We'd get a bite here and there, but her arms and legs would be a solid mass of bites. Where we live, by the big river, they spray for them, so we aren't bothered at all. With West Nile virus in the nearby areas, I'm glad they do spray.

  4. Great garden. Sorry about all the painful bites. I know how you feel. Apparently my blood is the mother lode for mosquitos, sand lies, midges, basically all things bitey. I act as an insect repellent for everyone else as the little bastards feast off me instead. And because I'm allergic, I get lovely big welts that drive me nuts for days. Sorry to hear you've joined this elite, but very crappy, club

  5. Mosquitoes, to keep from being bitten: 2-3 weeks before mosquitoes are expected, start eating garlic or taking garlic pills. The point is to make yourself smell bad to mosquitoes. No, it's not strong enough to make you smell bad to people. I don't think garlic smells bad in any case. It smells sweet to me.
    Mosquitoes, after you get bitten: go to the drug store and find liquid Anbesol. It's a topical anaesthetic for teething babies. Do not use the gel because it stays on the skin, collects dirt and makes you look like you have a strange dirty disease. The liquid stuff, though a bit hard to find, and kind of pricey for the size of bottle, absorbs into the skin, doesn't hurt, and the bottle will last at least a whole season. Mind you, that's assuming a more reasonable number of bites. 100 bites is certainly excessive. Calamine lotion is another old standby to calm itching but it flakes off and makes a mess. With that you look like you have a disease too. Do not use these after-bite products. They have alcohol in them and try to take your mind off the itch by substituting actual pain, because by the time you apply it, you've likely scratched a few layers of skin off already. Anithistamines (for allergies)is another good way to calm the itching by attacking it from the inside.

  6. You've got a lot of things doing really well. Gardens are like that--some years certain things do well, while others "take a holiday". Ah well, Ma Nature has an odd sense of humor.
    Sorry about the bites--sounds like you get a pretty good reaction from skeeters. Better wear long sleeves and pants from now on....


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