Harvest Monday 07/23/2012

This year I am trying to be a little smarter when it comes to harvesting. Last year I would pick a day and just harvest as much of everything as I could. That usually left me exhausted and the fridge stuffed. This year I am just trying to pick a bit everyday so I don’t get too overwhelmed. With that said what was I able to harvest this week of the 16th to 22nd

I finally got my butt in gear and harvested the rhubarb. It was getting pretty big. This is one of the larger leaves...HUGE I put a marker on for scale

I was able to harvest 2.33kg

I did another cut of lettuce and got 340g or 12oz

The chives needed to get a hair cut 85g

My first TOMATO!!!!! 140g

Weekly total 2.895kg 6.38lbs

Grand total to date. 5.758kg or 12.69lbs
Radish 5.2 or 147g
Basil .1 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.39kg
Lettuce 615g
Spinach 1.8 oz or 51g
Early Girl TOMATO140g
chives  85g
Rhubarb  2.33kg

I am linking up with Harvest Monday’s over at Daphne’s Dandelions. Go on over and see what everyone else is harvesting

Have a great day


  1. Wow! How excellent for you!! I have no tomatoes yet although when they start, if that happens, there will be lots. I think I have to move/spread out and feed my rhubarb.

  2. I love fresh veggie out of your own garden. Now you need to show us some of your favorite recipes? Have a great week.

  3. I really wish I'd get off my butt and pick the rhubarb and freeze some for the winter. I've just been to lazy since I can put it off as I do other things. I need more cool weather to make me want to go out and work.

  4. What a gorgeous harvest, such a great variety! That rhubarb is just lovely. I can never get more than just enough for one pie.

  5. That rhubarb looks soooo yummy! And very excited for your first tomatoe! :)

  6. Great harvest! Congrats on your first tomato. They'll be coming like gangbusters now!

  7. Great harvest!! It's always a happy day when you get the first tomato!!

  8. Hurrah for the first ripe tomato! Always a cause for celebration. Lots of great harvests for you this week. I find pacing my harvests out over the week is much more easy to manage.

  9. Your rhubarb looks wonderful! I wish mine had a bit more red in it, but regardless, it's such a gift in the garden! Great harvests this week!

  10. Love your harvest. My rhubarb was done long ago. Only pick it in the spring.

  11. Wilderness- Thank you. My rhubarb was still in the ground at spring time..lol

    KitsapFG-I am pretty happy with the first tomato. It was the biggest one on the vine i hope the rest start growing!

    Stoney-thank you. I usually only get tomatoes in Aug/Sept so it has been a treat!

    Jody-I really hope they start growing a bit bigger first. The one I showed was a nice size, but the rest are soo tiny!

    Trina- thanks trina, both were supper yummy too

  12. Lovely produce.... There's nothing like home grown. All I planted is tomatoes.... One cherry tomato plant and a couple of early girls.....only the cherries have produced so far....

  13. Ok, I had to look to find the marker on the leaf - Oh MYLANTA! That is the biggest leaf I have ever seen!!!


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