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For those of you following the RWB blog hop here are today’s hosts.
Today it is 24C and shaping up to be a hot one. For those of you in the states that is about 75F I think which to most of you is likely fall weather...LOL However, in Saskatchewan that is on its way to being too hot especially for a gal like me that doesn’t fair well in the heat. The garden on the other hand loves this heat! Now I just have to hope that we have a nice hail free thunder storm tonight and then I won’t have to worry about watering!

On Tuesday we had pea size hail for about 2 mins followed by downpours. The next day brought back those horrible winds we had the week before. The garden has a bit of damage, but I think it will survive.  For the most part I think all this crazy weather we have been having is keeping a lot of the garden pests away. 

Nonetheless, it is only the first week of July and they do have time to come back and do some damage. Right now the only major pests are the mosquitoes which are now immune to any kind of spray I use. I am tempted to write to OFF! And give them a piece of my mind about a few of their new product I bought. They don’t work at all....stupid mosquitoes!

In other news I thought I would throw in a picture of my early girl patio tomato plant. She is really setting fruit now, but nothing is close to ripening yet. It fell over a few times in the storms and I am just surprised it is still alive. I normally just grow Roma’s since they are my all time favourite tomatoes. However they take quite a long time to produce fruit and ripen. This means it had been quite the treat to see tomatoes in June and I am very excited to be eating fresh tomatoes in July sometime!
oh my doesn't my hand/camera shadow look CREEPY

So that is about all for now. If I can find my energy today is going to be a housecleaning day maybe followed by a bit of time in the steamy sewing room.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful Saturday


  1. your tomatoes are looking great...I love home grown tomatoes. all I need is a salt shaker and a chair and I'm happy. I planted 3 this cherry tomato plant and two early girl plants. The cherry has already had a few but the others are a little slow......

  2. 75 sounds perfect to me...I'm sweltering here in Florida. Winter is my favorite season. My husband says that I don't belong here and I agree!

    It sounds like you're garden is really taking a beating with the high winds and now hail.

  3. I am so jealous of your weather. It's 113 here in Missouri and I HATE the heat! Fall is my favorite time of year, warm enough for just a light sweater in the day and cool enough to sleep with the windows open at night.

    My garden was burned up long ago but the neighbor kept his watered and I've now got tomatoes and zucchini delivered to my door everyday. I'm running out of freezer room!

  4. Haha! I finally stop wearing my ski jacket when it hits 25!!!


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