Think Christmas / Harvest Monday 30/07/2012

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Wow here we are at the last harvest Monday post of July!! Summer is going buy way to fast. During the 23rd to the 29th I was able to get in a few good harvests.

I got my 2nd tomato of the year. It is quite a bit smaller than the first one at 45g

I did a good cut of all my spinach and was able to get 1.3kg 

I also cut down all my lettuce and got 3kg of it!

Weekly total 4.75kg

Grand total 10.5kg or 23.14lbs

Radish 5.2 or 147g
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.39kg
Lettuce 3.615kg
Spinach 1.81kg
Early Girl TOMATO185g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg

I am linking up with Harvest Monday’s over at Daphne’sDandelions. Go on over and see what everyone else is harvesting


  1. I had no idea you were located in zone 2A! Silly me. Nice harvest.

  2. Yum! I baked fresh bread today. Those homegrown veggies would go perfectly with my bread!
    I'm also posting tomorrow for the Think Christmas blog hop. Can't wait to see what you are posting!

  3. Wow, yummy spinach so late in the summer!

  4. Lovely spinach. I couldn't even think of growing here in the summer.

  5. Wow, that's a lot of greenery.
    And makes me want to make my fav spinach dish... Chop up fine and cook with fine chopped onions and a smidge of garlic, throw into a bowl with some ricotta, feta, an egg, squeeze of lemon, pepper and some pine nuts. Put inside filo parcels. Yum.

  6. Summer is indeed moving too fast. At least you have a very beautiful harvest to show for it!

  7. Spinach in July, ah I see, you live in Saskatchewan. It is lovely. But even you have ripe tomatoes before I do...

  8. Great harvest!! I wish I had some greens this time of year. Ours all bolted months ago!

  9. I see why you are waiting for ripe tomatoes being zone 2a. I thought 4 was bad. How long is your actual growing season and how warm to you get in the summer?

  10. Wilderness- We have about 120 growing days with last spirng frost being may 21st this year and they are calling for 1st fall frost to be sept 15th. Durring the summer we average in the 30s C (90-95 F).

    Michelle- I am loving the spinach. My one tomato plant was store bought so it is a month ahead of the rest

    Susan- With fall knocking I shouldn't complain too much!!

    Random- It is very yummy!!

    David- thank you...yep all the way up here in Zone2a could be worse though...LOL

  11. You have about the same growing season as I do but we don't get anywhere near as hot as you in summer and -40 F is about our coldest but that doesn't happen very often.

  12. wow lettuce and tomatoes! can't do that here in the desert, at least not right now. I'll be lucky to get the lettuce up big enough to pick and eat with the last of the tomatoes.


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