Week 4 in the Garden

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July 2nd
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 Okay now on to the GARDEN!!!!!!

Wow it’s hard to believe that the garden has been in for a whole month now. I am both surprised and disappointed about how far along everything is...LOL
Okay so here we were in week 1 
and now here we are at week 4 You can tell that it is a garden now and that is always nice...LOL

So let’s take a little tour...as always please imagine the weeds are not there. I am trying my best, but even my best still means lots of weeds.

The onion plot is doing great. I have to weed this one as soon as it dries out. My spinach shot up, but still only 2 plants and my Brussels sprouts are loving this spot.

The Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflowers, and broccoli are doing great. The bugs are starting to get to them though so I am going to have to dust them. My cauliflower and broccoli from seed are finally up albeit not consistently up and my Brussels sprout did not germinate at all.

The potato plot is doing GREAT. No flowers yet, but hopefully soon I want some new potatoes ASAP!

The mixed plot of beets, kohlrabi, radishes, lettuce and carrots is limping along. My golden beets and Italian beets are finally starting to come up, but sparsely. The carrots are now up but not in rows just wherever the seed washed away too. The lettuce is finally growing, but again only half the row took. I planted 2 rows of spinach over in this plot last week and it is finally starting to pop up. At least I hope it is spinach it could be very organized weeds!

This plot has some exiting news ******first harvest of 2012******* Mr. Pulled a few radishes for me. Let the harvest totals start. Last year I almost hit 1000LBS this year I would like to break 1000lbs!

The tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and zucchini are all recovering nicely from the windstorm. I took the collars off of everything and put the tomatoes cages on. Some are starting to flower.

Zucchini should bloom soon!

The beans, cucumbers and peas are really starting to stretch and the broad beans are now taller than the green beans. The soys are taking their time. I am hoping to get my trellises up for the cukes this week.

The turnips are really taking off and I will need to thin them up this week. The peas like this area too, however the butternut squash still hasn’t sprouted. I think after a month something should have come up. I am going to plant a few more seeds and hope for a late winter!

I planted green peppers, hot peppers and sweet potatoes in here last week. It’s hard to see them in the weeds though. Two of the peppers didn’t take to being transplanted and the sweet potato slips are still alive, but doing nothing

Over in the new garden something has killed two cauliflower plants. The spaghetti squash and pumpkins are still alive after transplanting though so I think they will continue to survive, unlike the ones I started myself!

So there you go that is my garden at week four. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next week I think there just might be a whole lotta bloomin going on!!


  1. Wow 1000lbs. I have trouble eating what I do grow and it is about half that.

  2. Is it totally crazy that when I see your garden I sometimes think to myself "when I grow up I want a garden just like that"?

  3. See? I told you! I knew it was going to start growing really fast! I'm trying for 1000 pounds, too. I hit the mark in 2009, but never since. Now I realize it was because I grew pumpkins in 2009! Like 100 pounds of them.

  4. Your garden is coming along nicely! You will be up to your ears in produce before you know it!


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