Week 6

I am almost a week behind in my garden update, but like harvest Monday and WIP Wednesday its better late than never right.

We had really wet weather in week 6 in fact it rained for 5 days straight. I wasn’t too upset about that since it hadn’t rained in a week before that so the garden was in need of a good soak. The downside too all the rain is that now the weeds have completely overtaken my garden. I was doing such a good job until the mosquito problem and then I was doing an okay job and now......ITS REALLY WEEDY!! Oh well As long as I can find the veggies through the weeds I will be okay. I am going to try and weed a bit tonight since it is finally not a big sloppy mud pit out there.

Here is the main garden at week 6

Everything is really taken off. Here are a few little highlights

This some of the broccoli I started in door. The leaves are huge, but nothing has started broccolifying yet...LOL

cabbage is starting to head 

So pretty! 

Onion to the right broc, cauli and cabbage on the left...weeds...everywhere... :(

Pak choi is ready to harvest I think. I read that you can start to take the outer leaves as soon as they are 1.5inch wide...so we shall see 

Strange flowers coming up in herb plot

Raspberries are starting!!! 

Yellow raspberries 

 These are potatoes.....all very bushy!!

Mixed row beets in the front, then spinach, radish, lettuce and carrots way in the back 

hard to see, but beets are ready!! 

3 HUGE zucchini plants.....what what I thinking!!! 

Zucchini is flowering  

And here is the new garden. The pumpkin and spaghetti squash are really starting to grow!

Spaghetti squash is flowering

Pumpkin is loving it over here 

This is sunflower that fell over....but still alive I may just leave it...lol

 My little patio garden is doing great too. We finally moved the Early Girl tomato into a larger container. She is doing a bit better now and has some presents for me. I have noticed that the fruit is a little small though...oh well.

Looking forward to next week.


  1. Hopefully your plants will keep ahead of the weeds.

  2. How wonderful!Your garden is looking great!
    Weeds are a problem everywhere. If the climate is too dry or hot for weeds, nothing else will grow.

  3. I just cannot believe how quickly everything grows! You get such a late start, but it sure doesn't take you long to catch up. Those beets and cabbages are beautiful, and tomatoes...already!!

  4. Those darn weeds--ya turn your back for a minute and WHAM!

  5. I'm with Granny! It's just amazing how quick your garden grows with such a late start!

  6. I sure wish I lived closer to you! I'd help you with all those extra zukes you're going to have!

    I've not seen fresh beets before, the stalks are such a gorgeous color.

  7. Wow, you've made progress for such a late start. I think we're all having the weed problem. I need to head out in the morning and try to get a handle on the weeds in my shrubbery beds. When the heat hits them after the rain, they take off like crazy. I wish my veggie plants did that!


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