Harvest Monday 07/09/2012

Welcome to my first harvest Monday post of 2012!!! Yahoo I finally get to take part instead of watching on the sidelines!  

For those of you unfamiliar with harvest Mondays it is a linky party out on by Daphne over at Daphne's Dandelions. Every Monday you can link up and share what you harvested in the past week with other gardeners around the world. You also get to see what everyone else is harvesting too so all in all it is pretty darn neat!

On my last Harvest Monday post of 2011 I had hit 933 lbs of fruit and veggies. It was the first year that I actually kept a record of everything so I wasn’t sure if that was GREAT or a disappointment...lol I went with great!!! This year my goal is to try and reach 1000lbs. I have more plans of what I want to do with everything this year. I also have a few people that would like to buy from me so I planted a little extra for them too...maybe...lol

Okay so what did I harvest from July 2nd to the 8th look like

My first harvest of 2012 was my radishes... look at this massive harvest of 5.2oz!! LOL

My 2nd harvest was some basil from my patio garden. I just took the leaves bruised by the hail and it came out to another MASSIVE total of.1oz...hahahahaha it still counts though!!

So let’s see total so far this week
Radish 5.2oz
Basil .1oz
Total 5.3oz
Oh my that 1000lbs goal is looking pretty far away right now!!

I am going to go out and pick the rest of my radishes today along with my first cut of lettuce and spinach. So next week’s post promises to be a bit better J

Now make sure you go over to Daphne’s Dandelions and check out other harvests from around the world!

Have a great day

For those of you follow along on the RWB blog hop today's lovely hosts are
July 9th

Have fun hopping!


  1. YAY!!!! Well, it's a start, and better than a kick in the rear!

  2. Whoohoo! I'm sure it will get bigger as time goes on. I still think getting anything from a zone 2 garden is great.

  3. Have you tried making Basil pesto? The best thing is that it's totally scaleable - you make as much or as little as you like.

  4. So that's what the rest of the garden is doing. ha ha. I just came back in from watering everything with some chicken poo tea. Boy is it stinky stuff! I did let it go a bit long but still, it smelled like something had died somewhere near. My radishes are bolting. I should pick them right now. I forgot while I was out there. First, hang up the second laundry.

  5. so, I went out to pick the bolted radishes but there was no radish part. It went from stem to root, with the root a bit red where the radish should be. :...(

  6. It is a start! Can't wait to see what you harvest next week. We planted sweet peas last week, so hopefully we will have something to harvest in a couple weeks!

  7. congratulations! isn't it exciting to start getting veggies.
    I will check out the link. looks fun.
    thanks for stopping by my blog during the RWB block hop. good luck in the giveaway. I will be drawing names this afternoon.

  8. well that is a good start, pretty radishes! I have lots of little 1 oz harvests of herbs and various things, like really tiny tomatoes or strawberries!


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