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As some of you may or may not know I signed up to be a blog angel for the month of October over at Craftbotic. The goal was to secretly help out your assigned blogger for the first 15 days of the month and then to reveal yourself and see what kind of help your blogger wanted. I was assigned Ana from

Ana wanted her blog angel to comment on her site, unfortunately she did not post on a regular basis during the past month. I did send her an e-mail telling her who I was and asked how I could help, but I never received a reply back. Therefore, nothing happened no help provided.

On the other hand the person who was assigned to be my blog angel was very sweet. I had asked for help on blog design and she provided me with some templates to use on picmonkey to create my own headers. Cambrie also created me a cute little header and gave me the names of some gals that can give my blog an overhaul. So thank you Cambrie!!  You may have helped to create a monster

So there were some positive and negative points to this new adventure. Would I take part again...Nope...I wasn`t pleased that within a week or joining I was being asked by the host for donations for her upcoming giveaway. That really tainted the whole experience for me. However, I am glad that I took part instead of sitting on the sidelines.

If my blog angel Ana reads this and would still like some help I am more than willing.

And once again a BIG THANK YOU to Cambrie for being my blog angel. You helped turn a negative experience into a positive one!


  1. I like the new page, Haley. I think we all need to change every so often or we get stale. Your Angel was an Angel!

  2. I hope that I did help, Haley. It was SO fun, and you are a great Blogger friend! It was awesome to meet you, and I hope that I didn't make anything too complicated :O

    It's awesome to be your Blog Angel,


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