Christmas QAL post 3

After ripping and resewing a few times I finally have the borders all on. I was correct when I said that they wouldn't match up quite right.....but I am still happy with the way that it turned out

Now I just need to buy some backing and batting and hopefully I can get this done before Christmas!


  1. Your borders look lovely! Your quilt looks great.

  2. Congrats on the quilt top finish.
    I was reading in my quilting book last night that the dimensions on the sides of a quilt top can be different than when measured across the middle and that this means you'll often have to ease in fullness when attaching borders. Maybe this is what happened.
    Your quilt looks great anyway. But knowing the above may have saved you some frustration. Me too, if I'd read that part of the book BEFORE I attached my borders

  3. I think the most important thing is that you should be happy with it. It looks to me as though maybe your seam allowances were a little on the "scant" side when you were sewing the border blocks together which is why one border was a little too long and the opposite for where it was too short.

    I love the layout you chose though and the colours are great.

  4. I think it looks fine! You can whip that puppy up in no time!


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