Sewing Saturday

On Wednesday I sat down at the sewing machine to do a little free motion quilting on our wonky star quilt.

This started off with an hour of swearing at the darning foot and breaking two needles. I finally got one whole row done when the darning foot started acting up again. I had to wait a whole day for Mr.P to have time to see what I was doing wrong. However, once he took about 2 minutes to tighten the foot and explain to me that I was adjusting stitch width instead of length which was also buggering everything up I was ready to go.
On Friday after whining about not getting good deals online like I did last year I ended up back at the sewing machine. 

It took me a couple of hours....buuuuuut

I got it all done!! It’s not perfect, but I am really happy with the end result. This is my first time ever quilting an actual quilt size quilt. I have done wall hangings, mug rugs and such, but never a whole quilt.

My mother is our basement (where they are living while their house is getting built) putting on the binding as I type this. I now need to get my blocks sewn for the 2nd quilt we are making.

have a great day


  1. Hi Ms Pickles,
    Its a lovely quilt- I love the fun stars- I made a star quilt with the wonky friendship stars for my husband a few years ago. It graces our bed on a daily basis.
    I did buy a bit of fabric from Connecting Threads - got a nice batik kit for a small queen sized quilt for 62 dollars so that was pretty awesome. I do like there website and have been pleased with there fabrics. I didn't check out much else- the pocket book can only endure so much LOL
    Hope you have a great weekend. It is snowing here in Edmonton and I am debating where I will go out or stay in-- hmmmmmm

  2. Haha! I have days like that with my machine too! The wonky stars turned out great...I like the colours!

  3. I love your wonky stars. I keep catching myself adjusting the width rather than the length too. I'm so used to my old sewing machine.

  4. I think your quilting is wonderful!! I can't imagine doing a large quilt on the machine myself. I am still doing small items and swearing..hahaha

  5. Awesome! I can't believe you got this done so quickly! I broke quite a few needles learning to FMQ.

  6. Mr P to the rescue! :)
    The end result is lovely - a great quilt you and your mum have made.


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