Garden review sections 4 and 5

Okay moving on with my 2012 garden review. Today I am going to go over sections 4 and 5
Both sections were both successes in my book even though they had some issues
Section 4
 Brussels sprouts 2 10ft rows – Seedlings I started these indoor and when I planted them they were looking amazing. However within a few weeks the bugs got to them and they never seemed to recover. By September there were little sprouts starting to grow, but they were pulled before they could produce. The ones started from seed planted directly into the garden did fair better as they outgrew the transplants by quite a bit. They however did not have time to fully mature either. Plan for 2013: start seeds indoors earlier.

 Broccoli 3 10ft rows - This was another surprise and disappointment. I planted both seedlings and direct sowed seeds into the garden. The surprising thing was that they both matured at the same time. In fact once again I found the direct sewn seeds to mature quicker than the seedlings. I think this had to do with the amount of moisture we received during the summer. I was able to harvest well into fall which was quite the surprise. I ended up with it was still a good year. Plan for 2013: plant the same

Pack Choi 2 10ft rows Pack Choy both did better and worse than I had hoped. It grew so that is always a good sign, but it was so tiny that it couldn’t really be used as a come again crop. I tried to leave it longer to baulk up, however it than just bolted. . Plan for 2013: try again, but in different area

Cauliflower 3 10 ft rows- I did 2 rows of transplants and only one row of direct seed. I found their growth to be much like the broccoli in that they all matured at the same time. It was a good year nonetheless and I harvested 14.763kg Plan for 2013: plant the same

Cabbage 2 10 ft rows- it was a great year for cabbage in fact maybe too good of a year. Every one of the cabbages was started indoors and they were all huge. I harvested 18.07kg .I did have a problem with them splitting near the end of the season but that was my problem not the Plan for 2013: plant the same

Section 5 Potatoes
Yukon gold 4 10ft rows. They were not a great producer this year and were overcome with scab. The potatoes were also all mutated and in strange shapes. Harvested 47.993kg Plan for 2013: as this is the 3rd year I have been unhappy with them I think I may omit them from 2013

Norland 3 10 ft rows. The norland fared much better. This was my first year growing norland and I am very happy with their taste and production. Harvested 52.019kg.  Plan for 2013: plant the same

Blue Russian 3 10ft rows. These potatoes also had scab this year. I haven’t even tried one yet so I cannot really comment on whether or not I will try them again next year.


  1. Seems I'm not the only one with Yukon Gold problems. I thought trying a different supplier would help, but it didn't. I'm still debating getting rid of them though--they taste SO GOOD--they're just crummy producers.
    Glad to hear about the Norland. I've been debating trying them--I loved the Red Pontiacs but was unable to find them last year (I did still get some from some "volunteers" from 2 years back). I'll try the Norland now I think.

  2. That is a lot of cabbage to eat. Since I hate sauerkraut I just couldn't use that much up. I do love my cole slaw, but I tend to use it in very few other things.


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