The end of canning

Well I did it !!!!! I used up all of my tomatoes....okay well that is a lie I still have one 10lb box in the laundry room. However, I have finished  canning tomatoes for the year. The rest are just going to be used for everyday

I attempted to make bbq sauce for the first time ever. It is okay I think it needed a few more things, but I didn’t want to change the canning recipe. Therefore when I reheat the sauce I will just add in what I want. I really wanted a recipe that didn’t have cloves...but I couldn’t find one so it is on the clovey side. We used a jar on Sunday to make ribs and it was tasty

I also made one more batch on whole tomatoes for the simple reason that it is easy to do and you use up a lot of

This should be the last of my canning for 2012, unless I decided to make some red pepper jelly for Christmas.

Now its time to tally up everything I froze and canned to see how productive I was this year...stay tuned for that


  1. Congrats. I as always happy when the tomatoes were finished. But mostly that was because I canned them in August and it is so hot then. Canning in the fall would be so much better.

  2. I'm impressed! You are set for a while now!!!

  3. yay! You amaze me....growing all those things and then using them during the winter.......and they are beautiful too!

  4. Oh, I can see that you've been quite productive. It's wonderful how you get all those tomatoes grown and then canned. I love tomatoes!

  5. Rachael Ray has a yummy bbq sauce and I don't remember there beeing cloves in it! It is crazy simple to make! Try it it is on her web site!


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