Canning recap

This year I didn’t get anywhere near the amount of canning I have done in the past. The late frost that we got in May/June really hurt my fruit trees. The Saskatoon berries didn’t produce this year, and that left out at least 30 jars of jam or jam related canning. The crab apple tree didn’t produce either so that also meant no apple butter or jelly. I also cut back on the cucumbers this year too. 3 years ago I was canning upwards of 100 jars of pickles and this year it was under 20!

Starting at the top left. 4 Sauerkraut, 3 Sauerkraut, 2 fridge pickles, 8 dill slices
8 salsa(hot), 8 bruschetta, 7 whole tomato, 15 crushed tomtato
18 tomato sauce(8not shown), 7 whole tomato, 8 salsa, 4 whole tomato and 10bbq sauce

I did pretty well get everything canned that I wanted to though. I have enough salsa and tomatoes to get us through the year. The lack of canning this year also means that I have really been able to put a dent into canning from the past couple of year. I also froze quite a bit of produce this year....but that is for another post :)


  1. Wow-you guys really like pickles! I don't think I use 4 jars a YEAR. I think all your filled jars must be a pretty satisfying feeling.

  2. Wow you had a 100 jars of pickles? That is two jars a week for the whole year. Did you eat them all?

  3. I'm moving in with you. You have canned all sorts of things that I love. I love saurcraut (just can't spell it), pickles, tomatoes and everything tomato, salsa.... It all sounds wonderful for you and your lucky family. WTG!

  4. Wow, you were a busy lady. I love seeing shelves of canned produce. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I would sooooooooooooo love to have a garden to can my own veggies. I am hoping we might be able to move in the next year or so, and have a place to be able to do that. Living in Florida with a yard full of sand, and lots of trees, doesn't make for a good garden, I tried!


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