Whiny Friday :P

Well I have been up since 7:30 shopping in my P.J's and other than internet viewing nausea I don't have much to show for it. Last year I was able to get some AMAZING deals on fabric, books and electronics

This year....not much of anything. Oh I did buy some fabric...that wasn't on sale mind you, however, I was putting off buying some backing fabric and some white fabric until the "Sales" started. Since there was nothing on sale that appealed to me I just bought what I needed and checked out..lol

Now I am sad, grumpy and ready to go back to sleep...but I can't since now it is time to get up...lol

Okay enough whining for one day. I have a quilt top that I would like to finish quilting today so I better put on my big girl panties and woman-up...lol


  1. I went to work this morning and plan to leave early, no shopping for me, I seem to be out of money this year. Oh were or were has my money gone. Glad you shopped on line, it is crazy out there.

  2. Maybe you will find some good sales on Cyber Monday. It is the more normal time to internet shop. Personally I avoid black Friday. The very thought of going out into those crowds would freak me out. When I had kids in the house I used to shop then and buy clothes for them. But now that they are gone I can avoid it.

  3. Just to be a bag and misery loves company...check out this gal's Etsy Shop (the links on the post near the bottom)
    ahem...FREE SHIPPING!!!!


  4. Would you like a little wine with your whine? Everyone needs to whine from time to time or even more often as needed :)

  5. Totally understand...went to the fabric store yesterday only to miss my exit and going two hours out of my way (long story) so I had no time to browse...just run in and out. Planned on going to a fabric sale today and my husband took my car keys to work. Yeah...I understand.


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