Christmas QAL-November

Its the 2nd Saturday in the month that means....its Christmas QAL time!

Today’s host is the lady that started it all and designed our uber cool mystery quilt...Quiltsue!

So lets start the day off where I finished last month. I had finally sewn all my blocks together and started putting my borders together.

However, if you notice above I had one small error...One darn four patch block turned the wrong way!! So i had to rip it out and try to put it back in. I did it and it is a bit off, but good enough. 

Today’s plan is to get the borders on.


  1. It's looking wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing it with the borders on.

  2. Love your colors - funny we don't see those - thank heavens for photos to check those 'oppsies'! Luck with the borders.

  3. I'm an ripping out expert so let me know if you need any expert advice in that area:) It's going to be terrific.

  4. Some times I think I use my seam ripper more than my sewing machine! I am very grateful to the inventor of the trusty seam ripper!

    Your quilt is looking wonderful!

  5. Love your quilt and the colours! Your colors are so perfect and show off the piecing so very well! You are not alone with little piecing errors. I find I often find errors when I am looking at the picture of my project, errors I hadn't even noticed when looking at the real thing!

  6. The girls are right - it's the photos that show up any mistakes - it was the same with my corner piece put in the wrong way - mine was easier to put right than yours! It's looking really good & the borders will really make it pop when you get those on!


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