Christmas QAL August

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Yes you read right its time for this months installment of the Christmas Quilt a Long!!
Today's host is Cathi from
I am a few months behind on my festive mystery quilt. I wasn't feeling too bad about that until I saw that most people were done and some speedy ladies already had theirs quilted!!! WOW very very impressive!
Now I want mine to be done now however no matter how much I pout or stamp my feet it just isn't finishing itself...HA!
I am currently on part 4 or the Unit D blocks. I have everything cut out and 20 hst done. That means I have 80 more to make....oh boy!

My goal is to get at least another 20 done today. 
Wish me luck!!!
I reached my goal of getting 20 done!!! I know its not a lot, but it was my goal. I now have 60 left!!!!
Going to see if I can get another 20 done....however I should be getting lunch ready!!


Last night after supper I decided to try and get the rest of my hst's done and guess what I DID IT!!!
Yahoooooooooooo. I still have to cut them all apart and do the ever so painfull trimming down, but for the most part I AM DONE


  1. But it is a good start! And we all work at our own speed and pleasure - so as long as you are enjoying, you are on course.

  2. It's not a contest to finish first or anything like that. The main aim is to enjoy yourself.

  3. This quilt was fun to make. Hope you anjoy making it as much as I have.

  4. That's the best part about starting so early in the year and having all the parts before the year is over...plenty of time to work on it!!! Yay for you for the progress!

  5. Who worries about unch when you are on a roll lol. I have enjoyed catching up with your sewing and garden from the last few weeks too. I have done some soil prep prior to our spring not being too far away.

  6. As I remember the part you are doing now is the most tedious and takes the longest. Once you are past this it will go faster. And the quilt fashion show isn't until December so no rush.

  7. Keep on plugging away. Remember, eating an elephant can be done - one bite at a time!

  8. So glad to see that you met your goal today and more! Good for step at a time!

  9. Woohoo, you did it, well done on reaching your goal for the day.

  10. Your blocks are looking great. Red and white is always so beautiful!


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