Harvest Monday 09/06/2012

This past week I started getting a few more fruit and veggies coming in. I now have to start sitting down and making a list of what needs to get canned, freeze or eaten fresh before I just end up freezing everything and forgetting to enjoy it fresh from the garden!

I am linking up with Harvest Monday’s hosted by Daphne’sDandelions!

So let’s see what I harvested this week

I harvested my first Pak choi it came in at 155g

 3 tomatoes which weighed214g

 Mr. Pickles picked plenty of sour cherries. This pail held 2.224

This pail held 2.3kg 
As you saw back on Thursdays Kitchen cupboard we ended up with 18jars of caned cherries!

My first zucchini came in at 1.832kg 

The first cucumbers came in at 1.203kg 

The first peas came in at 172g 

I also harvested my first 2 heads of Cabbage
This one came in at 1.610kg 

And this one weighed in at 1.616kg
I have about 15 more that are ready right now......oh boy better make room in the fridge!! 

Weekly Total 11.326kg or 24.9lbs

Grand total 21.826 or 48.1lbs

Radish 5.2 or 147g
Basil 2g
Radish 5.26 lbs or 2.39kg
Lettuce 3.615kg
Spinach 1.81kg
Early Girl TOMATO 399g
Chives 85g
Rhubarb 2.33kg
Cherries 4.5kg
Cabbage 3.2kg
Pak choi 155g
Zucchini  1.832kg
Cucumbers 1.203kg
Peas 172g


  1. Are you going to make saurkraut?

  2. David- That is the plan, but I think I planted way too much cabbage...LOL

  3. Sour cherries, delicious! Oh, and cabbage too. I love to add dried sour cherries to sauteed cabbage, with perhaps some shredded duck confit, that 's a favorite combination around here. Lovely harvests.

  4. Didn't realize you were so far north. You have even more of a challenge than Wilderness (Growing & Cooking) does in the Adirondacks. I bet those cherries were good. No pies made with them?

  5. Quite 25 lbs for the week - that's a lot in my book. I'll be happy if I get to even 1/4 of that amount this year.

  6. Your harvest looks fabulous. I'm eating cabbage this week, but it was picked back in late June or early July. I love that it keeps so well.

  7. Those cherries still look great. Currently figuring out how to steal them :)
    Loving watching your harvest coming in. If feeling ever so slightly jealous :)
    Oh, and btw, August is the 8th month, not the 9th ;)

  8. Oh wow... those cherries are wonderful! So nice harvest you have got.

  9. Orchidea- Thank you

    Rowena- I was pretty happy to finally be getting a "large" harvest!

    Marcia-Yep all the way up in Canada. Its a shorter growing season in Saskatchewan, but we still get a lot! No pies....but I can always make some later :)

    Michelle- Thank you. i have never had cherries and cabbage together sounds pretty yummy with duck!


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