Week 8

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Week 8 and the garden is doing great! I am finally getting some nice harvests. They are not huge, but I am harvesting something so that makes me happy. This will just be a short update this week as the garden has been a mud pit for the past 3 days and I couldn’t get out to take good picks.
Here is the main garden.

As you can see I went on a bit of weed pulling marathon and I have been paying for it for the past 3 days. At least I can walk today...lol My mother also came out and helped pick weeds in the mixed plot. It is looking beautiful. Once all the weeds were gone in that section Mr.P and I got the trellises up for the cucumbers. I think it might be a little late in the season to put them up....but we did it anyhow. I think it is so pretty!

Everything else in the main garden is about the same. I have beans now, but I didn’t take a picture and the cabbages are HUGE. I will have to take them all in this week for sure.
The cauliflowers have come a long way and I think within the next week I might get my first harvest!

The new garden is really taken off! The pumpkins are making a run for it and the spaghetti squash had A LOT of flowers. Fingers crossed that they actually produce something within the next month! 

My cauliflowers in the new garden are not doing too well in fact they are a little....umm.....GREEN!!! 

Not sure how that happened. I could have sworn this was cauliflower, but I am very happy to see that it is broccoli!

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  1. How fun! That cauliflower looks beautiful!

  2. Pretty broccoli. Which reminds me I have to go out and pick some tomorrow morning.

  3. Oh, lucky you with cauliflower-mine bolted this year in the heat.
    Don't let yours go much longer, they like to turn yellow overnight.

  4. Great looking cauliflower and broccoli! We're hoping to have a fall crop this year. We'll see.

  5. Hehe, love the surprise broccoli. And the cauli looks delish

  6. That sure is a pretty head of cauliflower!

  7. Wow Mrs. P!! Your garden looks great! What I wouldn't do for a head of cauliflower like that!!


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