Last week I finally got started on putting together the blocks I had received from group 2 of the We Bee Learning bee back in January! This was only the 3rd quilt top that I had assembled and I think I let the fear of not doing it right get a hold of me. Therefore, I just let all my blocks sit there and weep unfinished for quite a few months. Nonetheless, I figured I better get that top together before everyone else in the group got done before me!

It took me awhile to decide on a final layout. I had enough blocks with white borders and enough with solid borders to kind of come up with a little pattern. I then took the blocks to the craft room and began to sew.
About 6 blocks in I realized I forgot to square up my blocks, but luckily I had some pretty talented ladies making blocks for me and they were all coming together very nicely. Within 30mins I had everything sewn together and I was amazed at how quickly it all came together and at how AMAZING it looked! Now I have a few mismatched seams, but for my 3rd ever quilt top I don’t really care. I am just uber happy that it is 

I am going to add a skinny solid border and then a fat white border. Any thoughts?

Now I have to get started on the quilt top from Group 1. I have to redo one block that didn't quite come out right and then I can get started on putting it together. I am going to add sashing in this one, but I must say I am not entirely sure how to do that. I took a look online and found a few options including one that I think will work the best for me. However, I am now thinking of adding corner stones maybe in a bright blue to go with my grey sashing......What do you think??


  1. Good job on the one you just did! About the corner stones; That would be a great way to add more of that colour. I know in the block I sent you, the blue was quite weak. The corner stones would be a good way to have the same colour tie the flimsy together and pull that colour out of each block.

  2. Nice quilt! My mom makes similar ones and so does my granny!

  3. Your quilt top looks great! I love how it has come together!
    Your blocks look great! Adding cornerstones in your sashing is a great idea. It brings more colour to your quilt and makes it easier to line up the blocks when you so it together. Keep it up!! Your doing great!!

  4. Wonderful Job! It turned out uber fantastic! Congrats on your third quilt top.. pretty soon you'll have number 4 done I am sure of it :)

  5. Both quilts are looking great! You've laid out the blocks nicely.

  6. They both look great! How much fun!!

  7. Congratulations on getting your top together! I like the idea of a thin border and then a wider border! For the second quilt I'm not really sure that you need the cornerstones because each block has the squares in the corners and it might be hard to find one color that looks good with each of the squares. A nice sashing would be great though! Beautiful!!!


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