Week 9

 OH MY I almost forgot to post about week 9 in the garden. Here I was sitting and the computer thinking I really feel like writing a blog post, but I just couldn’t think of anything to write about....and then it occurred to me...week 9!
So here is the weekly photo of the garden. Everything is lush and yummy.

A few of the highlights and dispointments are

The green peppers and sweet potatoes are both total busts...I guess something could still happen but I won’t be holding my breath.

The soy beans are rather slow and I don’t think they will produce.
The cucumbers love their new place to hang J
Broad beans and Green beans are producing as are the peas.

Zucchini are not doing too well. The plants are huge and full of flowers, but they little guys are not growing at all. They get about 3inches and then just stop growing...not happy about that

The eggplant and hot peppers are not doing much of anything either. They have about 1 month left to do something and then we will be in frost watch. 

The tomatoes are doing okay I think. Everything is still pretty small. I just hope I get enough to make everything I want to make!  

Tomato's that decided to grow with my spinach. They are good ground cover so I am going to leave them 

Beets/kohlrabi/spinach/lettuce and carrots are doing well. I think the lettuce and spinach will last 3 more days and they will be pulled 

Potatoes are still alive. I had a bad run in with potato beetles a few weeks ago. But I don’t see any now....fingers crossed there are actually potatoes underground! 

The cabbages are HUGE!!! But I didn't take a picture today...lol I will have to get one later and post it on monday
Cauliflower and broccoli are coming along quite nicely

The sunflowers are blooming. If you recall I planted sunflowers last year and these seeds just came up on their own this year.

And the New garden. Can you even see it!!! The grass is so bushy out there it is hard to see where the garden ends and the field begins!
The pumpkin and squash are still stretching like crazy. Which exactly why I planted them over here. The broccolis are just about ready as are the cabbage

The patio garden is getting a bit shaggy as I am trying to decide the best way to preserve my herbs!

So there you go that is my garden at week 9!
Have a great day


  1. Could it be that your soil is very high in nitrogen (which would make the leafy vegetables grow like crazy), but low in magnesium, which promotes blooming and setting fruit? I had to give my flowers a dose of epsom salt (dissolved in water, about 1parts epsom salt to 3 parts water) to give them a boost. It might be worth a try?

  2. It looks like things are growing well. I hope you peppers and eggplants get with the program and start producing for you.

  3. Your garden is huge!! Maybe your get a little longer growing season.

  4. You have so much growing in the garden! I always find August to be the time when plants finally decide to bloom and set fruits, but sadly, we get an early frost sometimes in Sept, which kills them...

  5. Impressive! I'm so sad about my garden. Glad yours is doing so well.

  6. Looks lush. About the zucchini, sounds like you need to hand pollinate. Maybe the beesare elsewhere this year. The fruits will only mature if they are pollinated. Use a paint brush or similar to take pollen from the male flowers onto the female ones. Then you should getsomebetter luck.
    But if you're having this problem with thezucchini, you might with the cucumber too. So when they start flowering, do some hand pollination there too, just to be safe


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