Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard

So here we are at Thursday once again. There has been a little bit going on in my kitchen, but not a whole heck of a lot since it has been so darn hot!

As some of you may know I planted A LOT of cabbage this year because I wanted to make sauerkraut. Annie’s Granny had provided a small batch recipe a few weeks back and I decided that was going to be that one that I tried. So I did!

I ended up with 6 1L jars. I don’t know if it is doing much of anything, but it says 6-8 weeks. So we shall see. I have enough cabbage to make another 20jars, however I don’t think I will ever eat that much sauerkraut in one year!

I also made my first batch of garden fresh cabbage soup. I like to make a few pots of soup while the cabbage is ready and then freeze it. I plan on having a couple more bowls before I freeze the rest  

Last night I harvested the first of my Broad Beans. I read online not to let them get too big since they taste mealy so I harvested pods that were about as wide as my thumb. When I shelled them I noticed that they were about half the size as the ones I normally get in a can. Nonetheless, they were the same size as the ones I found online that were supposed to be just right for eating.

I figured I would cook them up with bacon like I saw onMark’s Veg Plot. I just added garlic and onions since everything is better with garlic and I must say everything looked great it, it smelt great and as for taste. Well it was okay. I was expecting what I get out of a can and fresh was nothing like that. Now that doesn’t happen very often. When is something ever better out of a can? Maybe I just like mealy beans and these were too young. Needless to say I was rather disappointed in my beans. The broad bean plants are still flowering like crazy so now I am not sure what to I think I will try and let a few get REALLY big and see what happens!

I am linking up today with Thursday’s Kitchen Cupboard over at The Gardener of Eden. Stop in and see what other people are cooking up!


  1. Mrs. P no help on the broad beans as have never grown them but as far as the sauerkraut is concerned, after about 6 weeks open one and see if it is done enough for you. I make it in jars like that all the time.

  2. I think my sauerkraut is nearing five weeks, and still not quite ready. I've had the Mr. taste it every Sunday from week 3, and he says it's getting closer.

  3. Well I hate sauerkraut. But freezing cabbage soup sounds good. I have a Chinese version that I make so when my choys come in in abundance (which I hope they do) I'll be putting some away.

  4. You've certainly been busy! I love fresh cabbage slaw made with vinegar and sugar! (I know. I know. I can't eat mayonnaise.) I even like sauerkraut but have only tasted the stuff that comes in a can. I do like cabbage in my vegetable soup, but my husband won't touch it! He's missing out!

  5. Mmm. I love sauerkraut with kielbasa. I'm adding that to the grocery list now.

  6. Too bad about the beans - I have to say they look delicious!

  7. I've never made sauerkraut that way before. I'm curious to see how it tastes.

    Sorry about your beans. Oh well, you have more on the way!!

  8. Your cabbage soup looks so yummy! What all else do you have in it, besides cabbage that is?!? ;)

  9. Your cabbage soup looks like our Chop Seuy veggie with cauli flower and chicharo. We also add corn starch to thick the broth.
    Can you share the recipe of your cabbage soup?


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