A bad day for trees

On Monday night during a thunderstorm Zada and I heard this HUGE CRACK! I wasn't quite sure what it was, but we looked at each other and then she started barking. At this point the hubby who didn't hear a thing came to see what had happened. All I knew what something made a sound outside. So he let the still barking Zada outside to investigate. All she did  was run around in a circle and bark her little face off. It was dark and raining so neither of us wanted to go outside and walk around the yard. I figured it sounded like a tree falling and the hubby said NO WAY.....

Well guess what happened when the hubby left the yard Tuesday morning? He saw that a tree had indeed fallen down from our yard into the ditch. I must say as much as I like being right. I was not happy to be right about this.
tree that fell over

Our yard is about 40+ years old and the trees are HUGE. It is so sad to see one of them go. It was even sadder when I noticed that the one tree took out 2 others on its way down.
2 trees on the ground and one stuck in the air

I noticed some mushrooms growing in the tree that broke. It looked pretty rotten in there
Here is a picture from the other side. Its roots are ripped up.

I think I wouldn't be so sad about this if this was the only tree or trees to go down. But this happened a month ago
A tree from the same row in front of the yard fell into the yard. A week before that a neighbors tree rotted out and fell into our yard as well. Which since it is on our side we have to clean up. Its been crazy.

The hubby doesn't have the time to cut them all down and we cannot afford to have someone come and do it for us. So this one at least has been an eye sore for awhile. The hubby was able to come home for lunch yesterday and he cut up most of the trees in the ditch. It looks so sad now. We didn't have anything here to haul away the wood so it is just piled on our side of the ditch for now. We will have to wait until the crops are out before we will have time to clean it all up.


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