Week 14

The nights are getting chilly over here. It went down to 10C last night. The days are still in the mid 20’s though..so everything better get cracking before the frost comes. Speaking of that awful word I bought a frost blanket yesterday. I have a few of them as well as a number of old sheets, but you can never have to many. I hope that I did not tempt fate by buying one so soon!

The past week was a good week. I didn’t not harvest as much as I would have liked, but with the trees getting in the way Tuesday and celebrating my father birthday yesterday the garden has taken a back seat. The fact that my new lens or medication keep making me fall over doesn't help either...lol I hope to get my butt out today though and do a bit of something. Or at least watch the hubby work in the garden for me!

There are a couple of firsts to report.

The hubby took a bite before I could weigh and take a pic of the..lol 
The hubby dug up these three when we was by the beans. They are okay, but not very tasty. I don’t think I will plants this variety next year. Unless the frost sweetens them up...oooppps there is that word again!

I also got my first ever cauliflower!!!

I wasn’t sure of when to pick it though. I think i may have left it on too long since the curds are starting to separate. It is really dirty looking even after I washed it. There are about 5 more out there. I gave the one in this photo to my parents. I hope it tastes okay.

Otherwise everything is doing really well

The sunflowers are flowering....another first for the garden
I think I may go and cut a few today to put in the house. I have some fake sunflowers in there now. These would be better!

The tomatoes are ripening on the vines. This has never happed for me before!!
tomatoes in the weeds :(
The fall crops of turnips and spinach that I planted are a bust. Neither has spouted and since everything will be out in under a month I don’t see them doing anything. Oh well there is always next year

For my weekly round up. Nothing much has changed over last week. The only big changes I already talked about so there ya go :)


  1. Those carrots are beautiful, too bad that they aren't that tasty! I have to say that your cauliflower is absolutely perfect!

    With all of these firsts for you...it sounds like your garden is doing really well this year!

  2. You must be as happy as all get up :o) Everything blooming and growing for you.. that's going to be some good eating around there.. :o) Congratulations on that Cauliflower and carrots. I've yet to succeed with them.

  3. Yay for the ripening tomatoes! and that cauliflower looks much better than any I've grown. Your sunflowers blossomed before mine, and guess what....it got colder here than it did at your place! It was 44F, a record low, a couple of nights ago. My converter tells me that's 6.6C. Our usual frost free period is from May 1-October 10, but it's been a very odd year.

  4. Robin-Thank you. I hope the rest taste better. I am glad you think the cauliflower looked good I am still unsure..lol

    Gingerbreadhouse7- Thank you. It is nice to have everything working out this year..so far fingers crossed..lol

    Annie's Granny-Sounds like we are in the same cool weather boat! Our high today is 15C 59F and it is suppose to go down to 44F....Its too early for this cold weather!

    I think I might bring in some tomatoes...we shall see


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