We live about 45 mins from the nearest city in a small hamlet. It is wonderful to be out of the city and in the peacefulness of the country. We still have neighbours that are close enough to throw things at, but the yard is big enough that we could walk outside naked and not be seen...well if we were careful and only went out on a cloudy night.

We have 4 acres of land. The house, garden, garages and chicken coops sit on a little more than and acre and the rest is just weeds..lots and lots of weeds.

One of the joys of living in rural Saskatchewan are that you either have a well for your water or a cistern in your house. We are lucky and have both? The well water is only used to water the garden. There is a pump in one of our chicken coops so all I have to do is make sure the hose is connected and start the sucker up. We have 5 hoses that stretch from the coop to the far east corner of the garden.
3 chicken coops. that is our high speed town on the middle on. We also have our router and modem in there...lol

Hose going from coop to garden
Some years like this one it is full and other years it is dry and then we have to use this which we can fill for free in the hamlet, but then I have to water with watering cans all summer... boo. The past winter we had to use this tank to haul water every 2 weeks from town. The tires are bald, but the grain truck we normally use was still full of barley. Driving on the highway with this made for some interesting times!

For the house water we have 2 cisterns in our basement. This means that every month the hubby has to haul water from the nearest town to our house. Its a pain in the ass, however it would cost 10,000 dollars to hook into the city water line. This would still require that we use the cistern. So since we cannot afford that, we haul in our own water.


  1. I didn't know that people still used cisterns. I had one at my house in my previous life (marriage) that was not used for years as well as the well. In this country they force you to hook up to the city water and sewer and you have to pay to do it! When I had the farm I had a well though and my mother did also.

  2. Robin- Neither did I until about 5 years ago!


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