Preserving Tuesday

I had very lofty preserving goals this past week. Not because I just wanted to can and freeze as much as I could, but due to the fact that everything is ready and the fridge ran out of room awhile ago.

We have two freezers.  The large freezer down stairs is full and the medium freezer is outside in the garage. I don’t really want to take things out to the freezer in the garage, because I will forget about them. And who wants to go and get frozen veggies in -40C weather! However, I don’t think I am going to have much of a choice. So better stop the whining...buttttt I’m realllly good at

So what did I preserve this week?
Let me see

I froze 8 cups of Broccoli. Which equalled 2 little bags And then another 1.5lbs of broccoli for soup last night as well as well as 16.5cups of cauliflower for eating whenever and 2 1.5lbs bag for making soup.

That takes me back to Saturday night when I took care of the beans. I was able to make 12cups of cut green beans plus another 8cups not pictured that I was going to use right away (still in the

I also for some reason thought that I could run the green beans through the slicer option on my food processor. Although nothing stopped me from doing that, the end product is strange and may never get used. However, I have 8cups of the whatevers in the freezer
2 rows of purple beans on the left and green beans on the right

Moving on to purple beans. I left all of them whole which made it hard to measure out in cup for. So I just used the scale and made 8 8oz bags and 5 1 lb bags.

 I got a whopping 24 cups of Kohlrabi. Not sure how that will turn out once unfrozen, but worth the try.

I didn’t get as much canning done as I had wanted. The salsa that was supposed to get made is still waiting, maybe tonight!

I was able to make 11 jars of Zesty Bread N Butter Pickles. This was a first for me. Not sure if I liked them though.

As well as 5 jars of Red root relish.  This is another first. It tasted like pickled beets, but diced. I like pickled beets so this one is a keeper. I had my first canning mishap of the year with this though. The 5 jars pictured below are the old glass tops and rubber rings. However, I did have one newer snap lid Mason jar too. When I opened the water bath the water was red and there were beets everywhere. At first I thought crappy old jars and then I noticed the lid and band for the new jar floating. Not sure what happened there. The jar is fine, but I threw out its contents.

And that was my preserving story for the week
Weekly totals
Broccoli- 8cups and 1.5 lbs
Cauliflower 16.5 cups and 3lbs
Kohlrabi 24cups
Beans, Green 28cups
Beans, Purple 9lbs
11 jars of Pickles
5 jars of Beet root relish


  1. Are you still working your A** off lady! You have done a good job. As far as those beans from the processor, use them for soups..I haven't seen those lids before..I have jars that those round lids fit on with rings, but there is a clamp to snap over the glass top, not rings. I want to know more about them. You should get some rest now.

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7-Thank you. I was thinking the same thing for the processed beans. Great minds think a like.Maybe my glass jars are just a Canadian They do make metal snap lids to use nowadays instead of the rubber ring. However, they seemed to have sealed and I have 2 boxes of the rubber


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